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Wild Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Myth of the Dragon Boxed Set Books 1-3 coverMyth of the Dragon Boxed Set 1 Books 1-3:

Why is it that thieves and mages never mix? Probably because thieves remind mages too much of themselves. A young female thief is working to help her crew stay alive in Waypoint, a city that exists on the precipice of humanity to one side and in the shadows of Ziammotienth on the other. Also called Tolan’s Doom, the mountain torn asunder by a dragon—if you believe in myths. Many an adventurer calls Waypoint the only bastion of civilization before returning to the remains of the once-great half-elven city’s remains from which to strike into the darkness underground. Most do not return. Kaylin has no intention of heading to the mountain’s grip. But will she be able to evade its grasp? Is Ziammotienth just a story of legends and minstrels or much more? Commerce, adventure, and intrigue swirl around the young thief as she fights her way into a far larger world than she had expected to experience.

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Voo Doo and Vampires e-book coverVooDoo and Vampires:

When one of the world’s most gifted witches becomes a vampire, you’d be wise to heed this advice: Don’t f*** with her.  I’m supposed to seduce and assassinate the vampire king… He’s defied the new vampire council. The Voodoo Queen has evoked Erzulie, the Loa of Love, to render him susceptible to my allure Once I’ve enthralled the king my orders are to stake him and cast a spell to harness the power that lingers in his blood. But there’s one problem… He has enthralled me instead. I’m Hailey Bradbury: Hedge Witch and Vampire.  My sire was staked moments after I was turned. As a youngling, the Voodoo Queen adopted me. She taught me her art. I’ve been working with the new Mistress of the Vampire Council.  She trained me in the ways of vampirism, the path of the night.  Witchcraft + Voodoo + Vampirism = what I call bloodwitchery.  Most witches won’t mess with the power latent in blood.  It’s dark. It’s dangerous. But if you can master it… You can harness the power of life itself.

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 Detective Sergeant Lee Hollister is an experienced cop who is finding justice is an elusive goal as it snakes its way through contemporary society. He silently hopes his life choices aren’t a reflection of what he sees wrong in others. Detective Bobbi Marshal is an attractive woman whose beauty turns heads. Ironically, she and her partner comprise the LAPD Wilshire Division sex team. Bobbi, mature, sophisticated, capable and compassionate, finds herself working and competing in a man’s world. Detective Sergeant Stryker and Detective West are a “Salt & Pepper” team, one white, one Black. Besides race, there’s one crucial difference between the men…at End of Watch, Stryker drives out of the ghetto into a White community where he lives. West has a much shorter drive, his home is in the ghetto. Now, it’s just a matter of time and cunning …and who makes the first fatal mistake.

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The Gideon Thorn complete series e-book coverThe Gideon Thorn Series: The Complete Weird Western Series:

Gideon Thorn: The Complete Weird Western Series

Michael Newton’s GIDEON THORN is a cross between The X-Files and B.N. Rundell’s The Plainsman Western Series. The series is full of classic western action and adventure, as well as paranormal suspense.  Gideon Thorn, survivor at age two of the unknown ‘animal’ attack that massacred his family in Kansas Territory, roams the West in search of answers to his personal tragedy and other unsolved mysteries of seemingly paranormal origin.

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