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Wild Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Victorious Redemption complete series boxed set e-book coverVictorious Redemption Complete Series Boxed Set:

 After a late night rendezvous with a stranger goes sideways, Jasmine finds herself waking to a man holding a gun loaded with silver bullets. In her final moments, she hears her killer utter her long-lost father’s name. Her world should have ended when she tumbled from that 17th-story window… Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave. Fueled by confusion, Jasmine is lost and alone in the city she once called home. Unable to tap into her Were powers, she will need to rely on her newly-emerging abilities to navigate the seedy underbelly of the city. Who is her father? What does Deshawne Pierce want with her? Who is the strange half-fairy who runs her local tavern? All these questions demand
answers. If Jasmine can rise from the grave, surely the truth can, too?

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Dragon's Code e-book coverDragon’s Code:

What do you do when you know the world is ending? Earth is dying, and humanity is unaware. The last of the dragons have charged themselves with protecting the planet. They’ve enlisted the help of other magical creatures to aid them, but not everyone follows the rules. Some have a code of their own. One of the last dragons born on Earth, Grey isn’t happy with his life. None of the dragons believe that the world can be saved, so why not go out with a bang? Kelsey is living her life oblivious to the magic around her, no different from any other human in the world. A chance encounter changes her whole world. Kelsey sees something more in Grey, but can she adapt to this new world? Does she have what it takes to survive a danger she shouldn’t know exists?

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Split Infinity e-book coverSplit Infinity:

Assassin Teams and Exes Don’t Mix. Once they were an elite supernatural assassin team. Now they’re divorced and far, far apart.
She dwells in the rural wetlands. He runs in the urban jungle. Jeanie never wants to see Ratt again. Ratt can’t wait for a second chance. Assassins with Delta Underground Operatives never really retire. A new threat to Baltimore’s supernatural balance requires they get together once more.

He’s hopeful. She’s over him. With someone subverting the innocents in Baltimore, both are expected to put it all in the past.

Can they overcome their differences and save the city?

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Valrin was born of the sea. Raised by his adopted elven aunt on a small fishing island he knows nothing of his past and wonders of his future…. until the unexpected arrival of a mysterious ship changes everything.

Joining a misfit crew running from a dangerous dwarven empire, Valrin learns quickly what it means to be Stormborn. In this epic three book set, you will meet the strangest of the strange. From men forbidden to die to cannibalistic shadow elves and a dwarven necromancer. Embark upon the cold, dark Glacial Seas and unlock the power of an ancient lost race. Embrace this epic fantasy adventure and discover that sometimes the most dangerous enemy can be your own dark desires.

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After the Civil War devastates their home, the Ballous, a Tennessee horse breeding family, relocate and start anew in the West where their new neighbors could become lasting friends or tomahawk-toting enemies. Lucas Ballou and his family share a love of wild horses with their Comanche neighbors, but the brutal Kiowa threaten their new start on the Texas frontier.

The Horsemen Omnibus includes books 1-5 of the action-packed western series!

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Jake Caldwell Thrillers e-book coverJake Caldwell Thrillers Books 1-4:


Mob enforcer, Jake Caldwell is in the dark business of breaking kneecaps and snapping bones. But each job sends him one step closer to turning into the man he swore he’d never become–his violent and abusive father. Leaving the mob is easier said than done, so when his boss offers a bloody way out, Jake has no choice but to take it, even if it means confronting old ghosts. While seeking redemption from a violent upbringing Jake learns he can’t turn his back on those who need him…it’s in his blood. But Jake needs to stay one step ahead of the bad guys if he is to have any future at all.

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