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Shattered Truth Snippet #2 is here!


Are you getting as excited as me? I know, I say that a lot, but truly this series has inspired me. I’m so excited for each book coming, it’s almost like Mike’s first series! I must admit I was part of the original pitchforks and matches crew, but I don’t want that to happen here. LOL with each release scheduled 6 weeks apart, that would get tiring. LOL

Anyway, without further ado, I’ll give you today’s snippet!


Jia hurried behind him, her stun pistol pointed at the suspect. She yanked his arms down and slapped on bright orange binding ties to secure him. “You are under arrest. All Article Seven rights apply. Do you need these explained to you?”

“Nope, I’m good,” the man replied morosely. “As good as a man who just got nailed by the cops can be. Not my first time talking to you, but it is the first time you all chased me like that. Damn. That was a nice flitter, too. I’m sure the idiot I stole it from had insurance. You didn’t need to come after me like that. It’s not fair.”

“Fair?” Erik shouldered his rifle and reactivated the safety. He’d been expecting more resistance, but he supposed a man who’d had his vehicle shot out of the air recognized that he wasn’t in a position to resist. “Don’t commit crimes if you don’t want the cops to be unfair to you.”

The man scooted to face the two detectives and the approaching patrol officers. He narrowed his eyes, his face scrunching in concentration as he looked at Erik and Jia. “Wait a minute.”

“What?” Erik grunted. “Want to whine about things being unfair some more?”

“Hey, I know you,” the suspect muttered. “I know both of you.”

Jia frowned. “I don’t know you, criminal.”

“That’s harsh,” he complained.

“Never seen you before in my life,” Erik added. “Not that you’re all that memorable.”

The suspect sighed. “That was what my last girlfriend said, too. But I saw you on the news. You were going after the corps, they said. Hero cops. I never had a damned chance with you two on me.”

Jia shook her head. “We’re not hero cops. We’re just cops. We enforce the law, regardless of who breaks it. It just so happens that some of our recent cases involved some well-connected people.”

Her blasé attitude was a big change from when they’d first met, but Erik wasn’t about to complain.

He glanced her way and back at the suspect. “What, are you suggesting you stole the flitter as a big anti-corp statement? You can tell it to a judge, but I doubt it’s going to keep you out of jail.”

The suspect snorted. “Nope. Nothing like that. My last girlfriend told me she thought my flitter was pathetic. It was our anniversary today, or it would have been. I got pissed and stupid.”

Erik sighed, looking around. “Yeah, I’d call leading the police on a high-speed chase pretty high in the idiot department.”

A patrol officer moved behind them. Jia nodded to the officer, so he reached down and pulled up the suspect. “Stop your yakking. Let’s go. You have a lot of explaining to do.” The officer pushed him toward one of the police cruisers.

Jia watched the man in silence until he had been secured in the back of a patrol flitter before turning to look at Erik. “I’m not wrong, am I? I know I can be judgmental, but his excuse is just pathetic. I almost feel sorry for the guy.”

“You’re right.” Erik checked his weapons to make sure everything was in the right place. “It’s pathetic.” He looked at her. “But I don’t feel sorry for him.”

Not every confrontation could be an epic battle against a corrupt conspiracy.


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