I don’t know about you guys, but new books always excite me. Middang3ard is the first book in a new series and a new universe.  Be ready for this one next week (scheduled for March 5th), you won’t want to miss out!


Chapter 1

Today the Expansion would be announced, and Myrddin Emrys felt an emotion he hadn’t experienced in nearly three thousand years.


It was nearly ten o’clock at night, and the guests were beginning to trickle into the auditorium. Dignitaries and delegates from across the world looked around with disappointment.

This was where Myrddin Emrys, the richest man in the world, had summoned all the world leaders? They had expected something grand. Something awe-inspiring.

Instead, world leaders—all of the world’s leaders, to be precise—were welcomed to a plain-looking theater with stark white walls.

Sure, the desks were labeled with the names of the countries and sovereignties, but the placards were a simple white with the dignitaries’ names hastily written in black marker.

Still, they entered.

Such was the respect most of them carried for Myrddin. Or maybe it was respect for the game he had created: the virtual world of Middang3ard, where over seventy percent of the world’s population—the world’s voting population—spend the majority of their day.

As the last few entered, the auditorium quickly fell into a silence as close to death as possible for over two hundred breathing bodies. They waited in anticipation for Myrddin to enter.
Most of them, that is.

“Where the fuck is he?” growled the newly-elected US President.

One of his security guards hurriedly bent over and whispered something in his ear. From the look on the President’s face, he was being scolded. Whatever the guard said, it worked, because the President sulked back into his chair, pouting as he waited.


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