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“It’s about time the truth is told about the MMORPG games and
other fantasy tales. They weren’t flights of fancy, but manuals on
how to fight in a magical world. A magical world just a portal away.
Get your gamer gear on you N00bs, class is in session.”

– Dakota Krout, author and agent for the Humanity Preparation Program, GameLit Novels department


Here is the fourth snippet for LMBPN’s latest series, Middang3ard.  Book one is coming Monday!


The Mundanes walked into the forest, Sandy at the front, with a small fireball that she cradled in her hand to help illuminate the darkness.

With almost every step they took, Suzuki checked over his shoulder, trying to relieve the sense of dread that sat like an unwanted dinner guest in the pit of his stomach. His instincts told him something was there, but his heads-up display, his HUD, didn’t report anything.

Then he heard it. Crackling leaves. Something was in the forest.

Something large.

Something that was trying to flank them.

Suzuki checked his HUD again, but even though he heard the danger, it still didn’t alert him that anything was there. Which meant it was masking itself.

But what could do that? A dark elf or evil mage masking its intent? Or maybe some kind of new monster they’d never encountered before? Something conjured just to kill players in the Expansion?

Suzuki moved up closer to Beth. His hand lightly brushed hers, and he felt his skin burn under his armor. Even in VR, it made his head race to touch her.

Beth looked at him and smiled. “Something on your mind?”

Suzuki continued to scan the area. “We’re being followed. It sounds big.”

Beth touched her HUD as she scanned the surrounding forest. “I’m not registering anything, but my perception skills aren’t as high as yours.”

Suzuki shook his head. “My HUD’s not reading anything either.”

“So how do you know something’s there?”

“I know,” Suzuki said.

Beth nodded. She trusted the Mundanes’ leader. She trusted Suzuki. “What do you need me to do?”

“Prep a distress signal. I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to the dungeon door before anything happens. But when the shit hits the fan, I want to know we got backup.”

“Lure it to the open and call for reinforcements. Good plan. I guess that’s why we pay you the big bucks.”

Suzuki chuckled. “Last time I checked my bank account, it was empty.”

“Ahh, we must have the wrong account, then.”

“Must have,” Suzuki said with a smile before his face went deadly serious. “Now get ready.”

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