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Wild Wednesday, January 18, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Heretic of the Federation e-book coverHeretic of the Federation Complete Series Boxed Set:

You cannot murder a person who never existed. John Dunn fled into a radioactive wasteland, seeking death rather than work in the Regime. What he learns changes humanity forever. It is not impossible to rewrite history. In fact, when one computer runs the world, changing history happens faster. Those who were heroes have been labeled villains. The alien Melagorns and Dreth, once friends, are now competitors at best. The Regime works to instill loyalty to humanity. Loyalty to brotherhood. Loyalty to the state. Loyalty to the words preached every night. Humanity first. Truth! Those with power are Tainted. Truth! The Tainted prove Loyalty by working for the Regime. Truth! Tainted who hide power seek to harm Humanity. Truth! Hail, Victory! Hail, Humanity!

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THE WARRIOR BOXED SET 1 COVERThe Warrior Boxed Set One Books 1-3:

It’s been so long, Warrior… I can feel you… Is Idina Moorfield going crazy or has an ancient magic found its source? A new Warrior is about to find out the true roots of the Moorfield name. Nothing will ever be the same. Her family says she’s not a true Moorfield and will never be good enough for the family business. Sometimes what looks like the worst day ever, is the beginning of our best adventure. Idina takes that first step into a new life and gets the hell away from them to forge her own future. But her calling is the one thing they are the most against. She joins the military just like Uncle Rick. The other family outcast. What is everyone in the Moorfield family so afraid of?

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THE WARRIOR BOXED SET 2 E-BOOK COVERThe Warrior Boxed Set Two Books 4-6:

When life hands you lemons, you can either make lemonade or lob them like hand grenades at your problems. Idina may do both.
Can Idina and her new unit bond and work together and prove they aren’t the misfits everyone thinks they are and can be quite useful once they’re understood? Nothing is going as Idina Moorfield planned. It’s what happens when magical powers you don’t know you have manifest when you least expect it. Idina needs to make new plans, even if those plans are loosely based on her CO telling her to figure things out. Time to make lemonade. There’s all sorts of tasks Idina and her unit could be doing. Getting them to help out is another issue. Can she figure out how to get them to help her without asking them to help? Then there’s the mysterious journal she received. Every time she opens it and reads it, there’s flashing green lights everywhere.

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Eat. Pray. Sharpen your blade…Kap is going on vacation. Six months after burning down ACE headquarters, Kap and Sig are on the run—but they’re not on their own. Dai is with them, and the strength of her arms makes all the difference. Raph is there, too. He mostly makes a mess.  With nothing uniting them but a common commitment to taking ACE down, this misfit group of heroes has been doing the work! Armed with pocket change and jerry-rigged talismans, they’ve managed to throw more than a few magical wrenches into the evil organization’s inner workings, all while keeping out of ACE’s crosshairs. But even a wizard needs to take a break every now and again—or so Dai says.  The demon gets her wish when a disgruntled Fed with a binder full of questions grabs Kap off the street, throwing the team headfirst into a mission at the world’s most exclusive resort.

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The Conroyverse is a sampler containing the shorty story that started the entire fictional universe as well as the first novels from each of the three series that share that common, alien-rich setting. It’s a taste — appropriate given the emphasis on food across the books — of what awaits you in the ongoing adventures and humorous romps of each series. Hypnosis, Teleportation, and Alien Academia, Oh My! The Amazing Conroy, a stage hypnotist working third-rate venues on alien worlds, gets talked into being a courier of an Arconi buffalito — an adorable alien creature that can eat anything and farts oxygen. If he can avoid being executed for smuggling, his world will be forever changed. Angela Colson, a seemingly ordinary teenager, is actually a mutant variant from a race of teleporting aliens who have hidden in plain sight for millennia.  Melody Wilder, just needs to complete her doctorate and life will be perfect. But the downside of a university on a space station orbiting Neptune is that an assortment of aliens keeps showing up, imposing their own agendas on her.

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Integration e-book coverIntergration:

Human slavers attack. Despite trying to fight back, there is nothing the young Leefe can do to save his family and friends. But he doesn’t have to. The Imperial Marines arrive in the nick of time, and they hate slavers. Three tri-years later, when the new emperor issues a proclamation to integrate the imperial military with non-human citizens, Leefe is among the first to volunteer. Integration to resurrect the empire as a force for good is challenged by centuries of prejudice against the “dung races.” Leefe and the other Wyntonans only want to prove their worth and fight for the empire, but their greatest battles are closer to home. With threats to the empire from both within and without, this grand experiment has the potential to save it . . . or tear it apart.

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The Corps has been integrated by imperial decree—but that doesn’t mean everyone accepts the wyntonan Marines. Despite an impressive combat record as a grunt, Corporal Leif Hollow struggles to become an effective NCO and leader of Marines.

When then the trumpets of war sound, however, Marines forget about differences and come together to accomplish the mission. But when the odds are stacked against them, and the empire’s very existence is at stake, will that be enough?

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Marine Raider!
Sergeant Leif a’Hope Hollow is the first of his People to earn the coveted title. He never knew how soon he and his fellow Raiders would have to prove themselves on the field of battle.
After the failed coup to oust the emperor, the Novacks do not fade quietly into the background. They continue a low-grade insurgency, but in doing so, they open the door to other players that bring the entire empire to the brink of destruction.

Sergeant a’Hope Hollow must lead a ragtag group of fellow non-humans in an attempt to avert a catastrophe that can wipe out humans forever.

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Forsaken to be a killer and sent to be a destroyer, Sviska must choose his own path. Sviska is a man of the shadows, an assassin without any one place to call his own. But in the Far North, he discovers a secret. Magic, long thought lost to the world, is alive. The genocide to destroy every elf, wizard, and sacred being of old is not yet complete. Sviska’s masters work the strings of the world and he has been sent for a task he does not even fully understand yet. When at last he feels he has what he has always wanted, darkness falls upon the world. Forced to rise up to face an enemy more terrible than any he has ever met, Sviska comes to a moral crossroad. The Rogues of Magic rise but will Sviska be the blade that unites them all or strikes those of magic from the world forever?

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