Note: This article contains spoilers of Star Trek: Discovery Season One

Season one of Star Trek: Discovery gripped us like the science-loving nerds we are and dragged us to places we never knew we wanted to go. Michael Burnham is an intriguing protagonist with a more-than-strange past that plays a major role in how her future is shaped.

Being a human raised in a Vulcan society gifted her with an extensive knowledge base of sciences and of course logic. Michael is also Spock’s half-sister, adding to Michael’s already complicated past.

Knowing that piece of information helps ramp you up for what seems to be. As always, there are also teases as to what the seven signals sent throughout the galaxy could be.

Since chasing the impossible seems to be the Discovery’s thing, what new impossibility could they be exploring? Weren’t the famous words of the original Star Trek “Space, the Final Frontier.”?

Yet it seems that the ability to jump across the universe as we know it wasn’t all this new Spore Drive technology had to offer. Lieutenant Stamets showed us it was possible for a human to navigate the mycelium network.

Think about the reality of that possibility for humanity. Could we jump universes at a whim? It’s far-fetched, but it could redefine how we view life and the final frontier.

Where will this journey of supreme choice lead the crew of the Discovery? Not far according to the season two teaser.

My hope is season two explores this new found technology in an intellectual way. Are there other alien species to find in new universes? How does this impact the importance of the human race?

As the cosmos is within our grasp how will humanity react? Will we play with it like a child, simply stating our natural curiosity? Or will we bend it to our will, leaving entire universes barren from wanton disregard for nature?

Before Discovery can even begin to think on its true implications they find themselves tangled in another galactic mess that only their Spore-Drive can help clean up.

Captain Christopher Pike takes command of the Discovery by inciting Federation Regulations. Multiple bursts of energy are detected across the galaxy and they have reason to believe that Spock has something to do with it.

Michael is obviously bothered by this fact. She leads us to believe that Spock is in trouble on such a massive scale that he needs to use red bursts spanning an entire galaxy to get their attention.

What sort of cosmic gambling has Spock been doing to need to invoke such a message? How did those bursts effect the surrounding planets?

Can I get a ride in one of those asteroid pods? They sure do look like a rockin good time. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking it.

At one point in the trailer Lt. Stamets points a device at Tilly, tells her it’s going to hurt, then sucks a strange bionic looking orb from her chest. That’s probably the part I’m most excited to learn what the heck is going on with that.

Could it have something to do with the mycelium network or the Spore-Drive? Or is it just one of Tilly’s weird mad scientist nightmares of Lt. Stamets?

I’m not a hardcore Trekkie fan by any stretch of the imagination. Most of what I’ve seen was with my Dad growing up until I started watching them as an adult to re-explore the ideas they present.

While the couple teasers we have been given are small, they give us plenty to look forward to. Star Trek Discovery season two is gearing up to take us to a whole host of places we never thought we’d go.