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Wild Wednesday, May 31st, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.



Rise of the Grandmaster boxed set 1 e-book coverRise of the Grandmaster Boxed Set 1 Books 1 – 8:

Some people just knew how to go out in style. Tim had never been one of those guys. Tim was always a planner. The plan was to get into college, graduate, and find a well-paying job. That plan was coming together nicely until he saw a presentation to get paid to playThe Etheric Coast. At his graduation ceremony. After watching the company’s employee recruitment video, Big Richie’s words had a whole new meaning. He could spend his life going from a cubicle at work to a one-bedroom apartment and back again… Or he could take a leap of faith by entering a virtual world of unlimited possibilities. And get paid. Now he just has to figure out how to get the job of his dreams, help his parents financially, and catch the attention of the girl of his dreams. It was time for him to catch his wave. Tim sure hoped it didn’t kill him first.

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Justice Before Law e-book coverJustice Before Law:

Those who killed their partners will wish they had never been born. Pain is a burned ex-mercenary. Agony is a burned ex-cop. Together, they might just find out. The only problem? They can’t stand each other. Trust, it seems, doesn’t come easily between a black-ops mercenary and an ex-police detective. What could make it worse for her? He doesn’t like using guns. Will Pain and Agony be able to dodge the criminals trying to take them out and avoid killing each other in the process?

Will the criminals be able to handle the two of them together?

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Jack Foster Space Opera Series Jack Foster Space Opera Series:
Books 1-5 .99¢

From Book 1:  It’s easy to ignore dangerous issues while you’re studying at the Royal Space Navy’s academy, until a sniper attempts to assassinate you. The scar across the side of Jack’s head is the visible price. The risk to his friends at the academy is the hidden price. His challenge is how to balance the risks. The final stage of his training is a shakedown cruise on an old minesweeper, barely able to achieve FTL entry and exit. Midway through their cruise, the minesweeper collides with an ancient alien wreck, ripping the sides off the starship. Jack’s team of bots help seal the combined wreck to prevent air loss. Ghost, a nanolife form from the alien wreck, provides assistance. Jack and his girlfriend, Sofia, are the only survivors, and air, food, and supplies are critical. The countdown of days to survive is ticking.

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Spanish BIt Saga e-book coverSpanish Bit Saga Volume One:

Immerse yourself in the compelling tale of Juan Garcia, an audacious conquistador-turned-Native American warrior, in this masterfully penned historical series set on the American frontier. Stepping into the raw untamed beauty of the American frontier, Garcia initially embarks on an exploration of a continent steeped in mystery. But when a fateful incident leaves him injured and lost, he anticipates the worst. However, his journey takes an unexpected turn. In place of hostility, he encounters a Native American society that offers him a whole new way of life. Thus begins Garcia’s extraordinary transformation from a proud conquistador to an integral member of an Indian tribe. His significant contribution? The Spanish Bit, a talisman that forever reshapes their society. Garcia teaches his adopted people to harness the power of the horse, igniting a revolutionary change. Their newfound ability to ride and fight transforms them from timid folk to the indomitable lords of the American Great Plains.

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Cole Springer e-book coverCole Springer Trilogy:


Ex-Secret Service agent, Cole Springer, has exchanged his badge for a piano and the high-altitude life of Aspen, Colorado but has not lost his appetite for danger. Springer delights in playing button men and gangsters for personal gain and amusement. Springer, while an affable man, is double tough, hard to kill and has an ironic sense of humor. His girlfriend, determined CBI agent Tobi Ryder, doesn’t know whether to love him, forget him, or arrest him for his escapades that skirt the edges of law…

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