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Wild Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Fringe Colonies complete series boxed set e-book coverFringe Colonies Complete Series Boxed Set:

Life in the fringe colonies is tough, but to Dante it’s home. Captain of the Xeartais crew, he leads a ragtag bunch of miscreants just trying to survive. But not everyone at the local space station plays fair. When Dante decides to unite several crews in an alliance it causes a ripple effect that will either tip the scales for good or end in ruin. Kit is running from the stifling life others wanted her to lead. When she arrives on Ephren and runs into the Xeartais crew, she wonders if she’s finally found somewhere she belongs, but she brings her own issues with her, and life in the alliance isn’t exactly safe. Can Kit and Dante keep the alliance mates safe from pirates, alien threats, and all the usual dangers of a colony, or have they both gotten in far too deep? With the pirates uniting behind a single leader as well, only one thing is for sure: Those who can fly, must. And every good mate counts.

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SHADOW VANGUARD E-BOOK COVERShadow Vanguard Complete Series Omnibus Book 1-6:

And so begins the saga of Jack Marber, former Special Assault Marine and his alien band of traders as they cross the galaxy doing the only job that doesn’t leave them homeless. “I need eyes and ears in every system that would benefit the Federation. One way to do that is for the Free Traders of this universe to work for me…” Nathan Lowell Nathan has a mission and is willing to pay handsomely for Jack’s time. If only Jack will represent the Federation that kicked him out of the service for what was Jack’s fault.  He’s not sure they should trust him, although he likes it. His two-legged Yollin partner is trying to learn the English side of the Galactic Common language, but that doesn’t always work out so well. Adina is a member who Nathan wants on the team. No one is sure of her, not even Adina. A storm is rising and the misfits of the Fortitude have no choice but to fight it.

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Ian Bragg Omnibus e-book coverIan Bragg Omnibus Books 1-3:

When good men have to do bad things… a hitman with a conscience.

Problems arise and too often, those problems are scumbags, oxygen thieves, and people who don’t deserve to share the same planet with decent folk. Ian Bragg provides solutions, resolving problems for those who can afford to pay his price. When Ian meets the woman with sparkling green eyes, everything changes. Balancing a personal life with a career that can’t ever be public creates challenges that can’t be spoken aloud. Ian meets his new world head on, determined to have it all.

The world has other ideas and a different plan for the man called Ian Bragg.

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Ghouls and Grimoires e-book coverGhouls and Grimoires:

Dead men tell no tales.  I can make them talk. An echo remains in the blood. I can tap into it. I can speak to the dead. It might be dangerous, but what choice do I have?

The vampire king might be in hell, but he still desires me.
He’ll stop at nothing to make me his.
I refused to be his queen on earth.

Does he really think he can compel me to become his queen in hell?

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The Wrath of Cain e-book coverThe Wrath of Cain:

Mess with a werewolf, prepare to get bit. Mess with my patients, prepare to die.

The Witch of Endor went too far.  It was one thing when she warped my mind, but now she’s threatening the health and lives of my patients. Is it wrong to kill someone who is supposed to be dead, anyway?  I’m done debating the ethics of it all. It’s time for the witch to die.

The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged is a paranormal romp, diving into a world of voodoo, werewolves, vampires, and magic. Dr. Cain is a snarky werewolf, an Old Testament character brought to life in a modern day fantasy setting. Readers of Monroe’s Legacy of a Vampire Witch or The Legend of Nyx have met Dr. Cain before. Now, we get a deeper look into the world of magic and mayhem that is the Vilokan Asylum.

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Apocalypse Paused Complete Omnibus coverApocalypse Paused Complete Series Omnibus:


From Book One Fight for Life and Death:

Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death? One missile fired at Earth. One political decision could change the future of mankind when apocalypse happened.

Fighting hard, multiple countries band together to successfully pause the apocalypse.

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bohica chronicles boxed set ebook coverThe Bohica Chronicles Complete Boxed Set:

From Book One Reprobates:

With nothing in their future, Former US Marine Charles, ex-SAS Booker, and ex-Australian Army Roo decide to give the Zoo a shot. Without the contacts, without backing, without knowing what they are getting into, they scramble to get their foot in the door to even make rent in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. With high rewards comes high risk. Can they learn on the job, where failure means death? Relying on their training, they will scratch, claw, and take the most dangerous jobs to prove themselves, but will it be enough? Can they fight the establishment and the Zoo at the same time? And what the heck’s up with that puppy they found?

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The Freedom Conspiracy e-book cover

The Freedom Conspiracy:

A conspiracy that spans the solar system!

Joel McCowan lives with his father, a mining consultant on the Moon base. But why does a simple mining consultant make so many mysterious journeys around the Moon, back to Earth, and to other solar system colonies? Then Joel’s father sends him a coded message and a warning—and vanishes. Taking refuge with his high-school friend Cary, Joel is attacked by ominous men in black, and he and Cary are on a wild chase to the Moon port, then back to Earth, to Mars, and even Mercury. All in search of Joel’s missing father. Will they survive a conspiracy that extends across the solar system and to the highest levels of government …a terrible threat that could change the future of Earth and its colonies.

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Lonnie Gentry e-book coverLonnie Gentry and the Curse of Skull Canyon:

In book one, Lonnie Gentry, life has not been easy for young cowboy Lonnie Gentry. He and his mother live alone, working hard on their remote Colorado mountain ranch. Now the thirteen-year-old must travel over perilous mountains to return money stolen by his mother’s outlaw boyfriend. It’s a man’s job. And it’s going to take a man – and the woman the man loves – to see it through. In The Curse of Skull Canyon, everyone in the Never Summer Mountains knows about the ancient Indian curse on Skull Canyon in the highest, remotest reaches of the range, not far from the ranch young Lonnie Gentry shares with his mother and infant half-brother. When a man’s agonized wail lures him into the canyon, he finds a youth only a few years older than himself dying from a gunshot wound. Later, when savage men pour into the remote canyon, apparently searching for something they’re willing to kill for, Lonnie learns the extent of Skull Canyon’s horror.

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In the Service of the queen e-book coverIn the Service of the Queen:

Lost in time–and the only way home for this gunsmith is on a river of blood.

Boothenay Irons, to her own bewilderment, is the possessor of a mysterious power. By profession a gunsmith, there is something within her that answers to the history held within an antique gun. Not only can she hear its story, she is sometimes able to go back in time and interact with its history.

Blood, as she comes to realize, is the road that carries her between times. Her strange ability began as a teenager while restoring an old gun. She slipped into a trance and witnessed an event in the weapon’s history. Later she was drawn closer and found herself back in time where the guns story was unfolding, and she was no longer herself…but instead she became the person holding the gun….

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Hand-Picked Promotions Just For You


The SFWA Magical Mysteries Bundle – Curated by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association

What Am I Doing Here?Have you ever had one of those days where you just stopped and thought: What Am I Doing Here? In this StoryBundle we put a fantasy spin on that with a host of books where the main characters ask themselves exactly that. What am I doing here? And hey…wait…was that magic? And what’s that strange beast with the big claws that’s trying to murder me? Join us for a series of outstanding stories featuring protagonists that find themselves in new and exciting worlds full of magic.SFWA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, advancing, and supporting science fiction and fantasy writing in the United States and elsewhere. For this bundle the SFWA Independent Authors Committee had the pleasure of sorting through over a hundred excellent books as we narrowed our selection down to the ones we thought you’d like the most.Featured books include The Sister Paradox by the great Jack Campbell where a young man who thought he was an only child learns that he has a sword-wielding sister. Right as she drags him off into a world of magic. We’ve got the exellent Sorrow and Joy by D.R. Perry featuring a goth lion shifter and a girl named Mavis Merlini who just wants to keep her head down and get through school. Good luck with that. In Darin Kennedy’s Pawn’s Gambit Yesterday was just another day at the office for Steven Bauer. Today, he is the White Pawn, a combatant in a nightmarish game of chess where people are the pieces and the world is at stake. In The Dragon’s Playlist by Laura Bickle, down-on-her-luck Di discovers a dragon living in the coal mines of West Virginia.These books and six more are sure to thrill and entertain you for countless hours.
– Michael Mammay and the SFWA

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