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Wild Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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The Magic Academy of Paris Complete Series Boxed Set:

Samantha Tempestade and Lily Vivace are talented witches. Eager to explore their new magical world, they exchange the enchanted walls of Ravenwood Academy for the bustling streets of the city and the secret passageways of a magical boat. Their halcyon days at the academy are shrouded in darkness when one of the girls blossoms in the face of their challenges, while the other becomes obsessed with signs of a plot against the school. They both came to become something more, but getting trapped in something far bigger than either of them may cost one of the friends dearly. When the secrets hidden by the ancient walls of their new home come to light, Samantha and Lily must embrace their destinies and the power that lies within them. The truth behind the academy’s protective dome lies waiting to be uncovered. Rising to the challenge of their newfound responsibilities takes them on an unforgettable journey that will change their lives forever.

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Circle in The Deep:

A fell-handed warrior treads a bloody road across the sea from the bloody adventures of Skharr DeathEater. Can Ax-Wed truly leave her people’s crumbling decadence behind her? Or will it haunt her as she wanders a savage world, determined to carve her future one ax stroke at a time? When she is kidnapped by sinister forces and trapped in the horrors in the deepest dungeons, will she fall or dig deep to overcome the nightmares incarnate? Darkness is patient and evil is cunning, and it is hungry for the sorcerous power bequeathed to her by her family. Her allies face intrigue and treachery in the world above and the city teeters on the brink of destruction. Can she reach the cruel heart of the darkness and destroy it in time to save them? Mere mortals vie with cunning foes and ancient terrors for the chance to see another day in a world both brutal and beautiful. Is Ax-Wed enough to turn the tide or will she fall to the black maw of primeval power?

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The Leira Chronicles Complete Series:
Each Book on Sale for .99¢

From Book 1: Solve a murder, save her mother, and stop the apocalypse? No problem. She has a foul-mouthed troll on her side. For Austin homicide detective Leira Berens, happy is running down bad guys and solving crimes. And she’s damn good at it. Which is why when the Light Elf prince is murdered, the king breaks a centuries old treaty and crosses between worlds to seek her help. Wait a minute. An Elf? Like from Lord of the Rings or something? The prince’s death was only the beginning. Tracking down his killer is about more than just justice. It’s saving the world.

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spaced e-book coverSpaced:

War is looming. Flight Sergeant Jack Klingerman gets the call. Teamed up with Ally, a human consciousness in a concierge bot-body, he heads out to New Atlantia in the Federation’s boondocks where he finds two sides ready to blow each other apart. Resolution can only come when he can retrieve a kidnapped scientist and a Zero-Point Energy generator: a piece of tech capable of accidentally ripping a hole in the universe.

Jack’s only chance at saving the space-time continuum is to track the kidnappers, and the device by taking down a stream of black ops teams. All while maintaining a tenuous cease-fire back at New Atlantia.

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Free Trader Complete Series Omnibus:

With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune. The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If they could find it and bring it to willing buyers. If only it were that easy. But then everything changed. It became bigger than Braden and the Golden Warrior.

Braden only wanted free trade. But there needed to be peace.
And that became his mission.

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The Kurtherian Gambit Saga Boxed Set One:

Her time is running out. His reign is coming to an end. The UnknownWorld is on the cusp of gaining a new Queen, one who sees humanity in shades of gray. But will this world accept her? With her special-ops team and a legacy of secrets, Bethany Anne must untangle the web Michael leaves behind. As she steps into her new role, the question isn’t just whether she will survive but whether the UnknownWorld will splinter under her reign or unite in unforeseen harmony?

Dive into The Kurtherian Saga with the first 11 books of the bestselling urban fantasy-meets-scifi series!

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The Kurtherian Saga Boxed Set Two:

When you least expect it, expect it. Bethany Anne has been notified there is a spaceship inside the system…but they can’t find it. Is it Kurtherian, someone else? The governments have to be told about aliens, which sparks a worldwide effort by Governments to find what TQB has… Oh, and Eric wants to date Gabrielle but he wants her to know he can protect her if need be. But his idea on how? Well, let’s just say it might not be the best solution.

Continue the story with the last 10 books in The Kurtherian Gambit series and step off into the continuing series, The Kurtherian Endgame, with this massive boxed set.

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The Kurtherian Saga Boxed Set Three:

The Bitch is back, and she means business. Two hundred years ago an alien race altered the course of the galaxy’s history. Just not in the way they intended. Bethany Anne Nacht has denied the Kurtherians at every turn. After two centuries of war the Kurtherians have gone into hiding, and so has the Queen Bitch. Life around High Tortuga is about to get very interesting. Bethany Anne and Michael have adjusted to family life. She and her husband have two children to protect and raise, not an easy task when your children are…gifted. Her plan to protect her children from harm is coming to fruition. However, she didn’t count on their father… Away from home, the game begins again when a scout ship runs into trouble, and a mysterious new enemy threatens the stability of the nascent Federation. The Endgame is underway.

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People of the Longhouse:

Born in a time of violent upheaval, young Odion and his little sister, Tutelo, live in fear that one day Yellowtail Village will be attacked. When that day comes and Odion and Tutelo are marched away as slaves, their only hope is that their parents will rescue them. Their mother, War Chief Koracoo, and their father, Deputy Gonda, think they are tracking an ordinary war party herding captive children to an enemy village. What they don’t know is that Odion and Tutelo have fallen into the hands of a legendary evil: Gannajero the Trader. Known as the Crow, she is a figure out of a nightmare, a witch who captures children for her own nefarious purposes. No one can stand against her powers―except perhaps the mysterious Forest Spirit whose tracks have crisscrossed their own throughout their journey. Odion and the other children struggle to survive their brutal captivity. They, too, have seen the Forest Spirit. But like their parents, they can’t be sure if the Spirit is a friend―or a foe.

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Rocky Mountain Saint e-book coverRocky Mountain Saint The Complete Series:

Holding on to the dream of living in the Rocky Mountains that he shared with his father, Tatum begins a journey that takes him through the lands of the Osage and Kiowa and—ultimately—to the land of the Comanche.

But the wilderness makes demands on anyone who tries to master the mountains.

Follow Tatum Saint, man of the mountains, on his journey from boyhood to manhood—where he faces everything from the wilds of the wilderness…to forces of nature and historic wars.

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