The Arcadian Druid

Tales of the Feisty Druid Book 1
By: Candy Crum and Michael Anderle

Chapter Two

Talia took her time as she made her way through the Academy, looking over every square inch as Amelia, the former Dean of Students and current Chancellor of Arcadia, showed her around and gave her a bit of the history on the building.

She’d heard about the great Academy her entire life, but she’d never been there. All she had to go on were stories and descriptions, but it was obvious everything had changed.

She narrowed her eyes as she looked to where a large statue of the past Chancellor had once stood.

“Is everything alright?” Amelia asked as she looked Talia over.

“What used to stand here?” Talia asked. Most of the rubble had been cleared, but there were still scars from where the damage had taken place.

“Ah,” Amelia said, her sweet voice suddenly turning cold. “A statue. The former Chancellor, Adrien, had it erected in his honor.” She shook her head then added, “He was a real son of a bitch. Anyway, now that he’s gone, the sculpture is, too.”

Talia stared at the area for a moment longer before looking to Amelia. “Now that you’re Chancellor, will you put another in place? One of you perhaps?”

Amelia laughed. “Oh, no. I’d never do something like that. I always hated looking at it. The monstrosity was a gigantic reminder of whose thumb I was constantly under, that everyone was under. It wasn’t a good life to live. Fear and insecurity don’t have a place in the Academy—not anymore! I’m sure we’ll put something there in time, but for now, it sure as hell won’t be anything quite so selfish and pathetic.”

Talia forced a smile as she continued following her tour guide. She’d heard terrible things about the Chancellor from several people, but she wanted to know how Amelia felt in particular. “Was the Chancellor really that bad?”

Amelia stopped, clearly thinking of a proper response before turning back to Talia. “I’ve never seen or met anyone like him. He was charismatic and intelligent, well-spoken and powerful.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound so bad,” Talia sighed. “In fact, it sounds like everything a Chancellor should be.”

Amelia gave a sad smile, her eyes telling Talia just how much she was holding back. “You’re very right. That’s everything a person in power should be. However, he was also cold, cruel. He was a vengeful man, and he killed a lot of innocent people. Children even!”

“It sounds like Arcadia went through terrible times with him,” Talia said.

Amelia nodded down the corridor. “Let’s move on,” she said, obviously wanting to leave the old site of the statue. After a few steps, she spoke again. “I still have trouble sleeping because I know I helped him—even if I had no idea what he was doing, what he was trying to accomplish.”

“Well, it seems like the city has a brand-new chance. If things go right, this city will get everything it deserves,” Talia said. “I can assure you of that.”

Stopping, Amelia placed a hand on Talia’s shoulder. “That’s why I was so happy when you applied. Someone from far away that had no experience with him or even knew much about him. Believe me, Talia. You’ll have a great start here at thenew Academy. You’ll be in the position that I held for so long. As Dean, you have the opportunity to do wonderful things for this school, and unlike my predecessor, I can use my new position to help you see those through.”

Talia nodded. “So, you believe you can lead the Academy back from the darkness he left behind, Chancellor Amelia?”

“Even with things so strained, this city has more hope than ever,” Amelia said, “and it’s all because of a teenage girl from the Boulevard. It’s all because the people of this city came together and fought for what’s right, for what’s theirs. It’s so inspiring. Please, let me show you to your office. You’re gonna love it. Trust me!”

Amelia began ascending the stairs, Talia close behind. Talia paused, taking one last look down the hallway to where the statue of Adrien once stood.

No… You will certainly be the last person that I trust, she thought before faking an excited smile and following the newest Chancellor to the Dean’s office.

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