“All I wanted,” Michael grated under his breath to himself, trying to contain the ire in his mind from being released through his now grinding teeth. “Was a little peace and quiet to consider my next fucking steps.”

He thought a moment about the cursing slipping through his tongue before his lips curled up, remembering the red-eyed woman in his memory. “I’ll be back soon, Bethany Anne.”

He rose up from the bed to take a couple of steps over to the door. The light, hesitant tapping from the Captain of the ship was quieter than the pounding of the Captain’s heart Michael could hear through the thickness of the cabin door.

“Right after I kill a few more who desperately need it,” he concluded before turning the door knob to unlock the door, and pulled it open.

Michael looked down at the Captain, a small drop of sweat glistening on his forehead when a strong female’s arm shoved him out of the doorway and Jacqueline made her appearance. “Jacqueline,” Michael nodded at her appearance, “Using other’s as a shield maybe?”

“No sensei, but the Captain,” she jerked her head in his direction, “thought he should be man enough to knock on the door. However, we both know if his heart beats much faster because he has to talk with you, he will drop dead…” A loud thunk sounded from beside her, and she turned to look down.

The Captain had fainted.

She turned back to Michael and raised an eyebrow.  He smiled, “I didn’t say anything.”

She rolled her eyes and put two fingers in the air, wiggling them next to her head, “You sure you didn’t do some Vampire Voodoo on him?”

Michael leaned out of the room into the hallway, Jacqueline moving aside so he could peer around the corner and stare down at the comatose Captain. He leaned back into his room, “Why would I do that?”

“Because you’re The Michael and shit.” She turned to point down at the Captain, ”That result right there is right up your alley.”

Michael pursed his lips, “Ok, that’s a fair accusation. I didn’t do it. He hyperventilated after you accused him of being too scared to talk with me and then down he went.”

“So, it’s my fault?” She asked looking between the captain and Michael.


Jacqueline made a face and stepped over to the Captain. She bent down and reached under him and picked him up quickly and then turned to look both ways down the hall. The Captain’s head making a solid whack sound when she didn’t pay attention turning around.

Michael snorted when Jacqueline’s eyes opened from her mistake. She adjusted the Captain and lifted him over her shoulder. “I can’t believe I have to go throw water on his face to wake his ass up.”

“Keep hitting his head on the walls,” Michael replied, “and it will take more than some water.”

“He’s not getting a kiss from this Princess.” She retorted as she took off down the hall to wake up the Captain. “By the way, Sensei.” She yelled out, “We have pirates tracking our ship into a big ass storm.”

“Worse than that,” Michael answered as he turned around. He didn’t bother to raise his voice for the Werewolf, “We have no Captain at the moment.

FROM MICHAEL >>>  Ok, I’m recuperating from a week in Austin, Tx with authors and sleeping so damned little, but talking all the time!

It was great.

I’m writing on Michael’s book, editing others and generally going to pull my head out of my ass (I hope) and get shit finished. I’ve been…not suffering, but more mentally exhausted after so many books in the last year and a half and need the break or break(s) as we push forward on something that is rather ‘large’ in scope. But, at the bottom of EVERYTHING is Bethany Anne and Michael.

I don’t ever forget that.

By working with Craig Martelle in person (thanks for that special behind-the-scenes breakfast!) we were able to hash out some cool ideas and we have a LOT to share.

How much do you want to know?