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Amazon, along with Sony Pictures Television are in the works to make a series out of Wheel of Time. You heard it, Robert Jordan’s epic masterpiece will be streamed in no time. Fans are already wondering how that saga could be turned into television. Yes, Game of Thrones is almost done now with only eight seasons. If you’re one of the many who’ve tackled one of George R. R. Martin’s novels, you know eight seasons doesn’t do the books justice.

Fourteen epic books encompass the world of Wheel of Time and writers like Brandon Sanderson can say their launch into fame came from being a part of Jordan’s realm. There’s something about seeing the characters we’ve come to love land on the screen. That’s the appeal of Game of Thrones. Yes, there’s a lot of added sex and violence (it is HBO) but the common thread throughout tells a story of a family coming to grips with reality and that reality being Westeros.

Whatever family you might think I am referring to, know that I am rooting for Snow and Sand. I am and shall always be for the common underdog. That’s why when Ned Stark met his fate, it became a shock to me among the fans and was a realization of the alternate reality created by Martin. After that incident, we weren’t in Kansas anymore. The HBO season is almost done and who will fill the void?

Why Amazon’s version of Wheel of Time will. You heard it, they are in the works to develop the series and we will all be at our screens panting for Jordan’s characters to go on their epic journey.

They are keeping quiet on the actors of the series and if they are slated to get some big names. Yes, the actors playing the characters created by Robert Jordan are important. Remember that Kit Harrington was a nobody before Game of the Thrones and since then he gave us Pompeii–which is in itself a masterpiece of cinema. That movie needed to be made and it couldn’t be done without the curly hair of Harrington.

Another Game of Thrones actor famous for the cruelty he endured in the Red Wedding has been said to in the works to be the next James Bond taking over for Daniel Craig. You heard it here. We are talking about Robert Madden who famously portrayed the eldest son of Ned Stark. You probably thought we were referring to Tobias Menzies who played on Game of Thrones but is best known for his role on Outlander.

Now, everyone is talking about Outlander, but it is headed toward the sunset of television too and there’s no television Stonehenge to revitalize it. In no time, television will be all aboutThe Wheel of Time, and the actors slated to portray Jordan’s multi-faceted characters. What’s cool about it being put on Amazon, is that much like HBO it doesn’t have the controls that network television has to live by. That means that they can add all the cuss words and nudity they want and don’t have to worry about getting fined.

There’s Good and Bad With That

If you’re someone who puts on streaming shows for children, you’ve probably experienced putting on a show and finding out that sex and violence are in every scene. That’s why there will always be a place for parental control and there will always be a place for television not littered with inappropriate scenes. The question on everyone’s minds is how much will they add to the puerile series, beloved by many a person wanting identifiable characters and not so much bad language or nudity.

Many a Game of Throne fan wanted to meet Lady Stoneheart or see the other Sand sisters do their justice. If they want that they will have to read the book. That will be much the same for Wheel of Time. If they are looking to maintain the purity of the books, they will need to stay with the books and see what Amazon and Sony will do when they stream Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

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