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Chapter Three Continued…

The lights on the globe tracked the dragon riders and they blinked when they were in mortal danger. And it appeared that his oldest friend was—

The door to Hiker’s office burst open. Evan stood at the threshold, his chest rising and falling with panic.

“Hiker, you need to know—”

“Adam is in danger,” he answered, cutting off the youngest dragon rider.

Evan’s dark skin wouldn’t register his flush, but the shock on his face did when Hiker responded. “How did…” His gaze flew to the globe. “Oh, of course.”

“He’ll be fine,” Hiker stated, wishing he could turn off the constant beeping that signaled a change in a rider. It told when they were in trouble or new and needed to be picked up. And recently, it hadn’t been entirely accurate. It had been a long time since he’d really heard that, although there had been false alarms from Los Angeles in California, United States lately.

“What has he gotten himself into?” Evan asked, pushing his long dreads out of his face as he leaned over to spy the blinking red dot.

“I’m sure it’s just because he’s left the Gullington,” Hiker stated, taking a breath to loosen the stress in his chest.

“I went to the Cave to check on Coral and that’s when I noticed that Kay-Rye was gone,” Evan informed.

“You did the right thing coming here,” Hiker said, placing his hands behind his back as he turned for the bank of windows that faced the Pond. The sun was setting now, night dawning, making for a beautiful display as the full moon rose over the Gullington. Hiker caught his appearance in the reflection of the window.

He hadn’t changed much in five hundred years, still sporting the same long beard, kilt and armor that he’d inherited from his father. Even though he didn’t need it, he still wore it every day. There were some things that one never stopped doing. Habit was the strength of a successful man. He was certain it would bring him back when the time came.

“He’s gone looking for cases,” Evan stated, looking out the window.

Hiker nodded. “Yes, I expected this. Adam has been growing restless. I don’t think this was his first time outside the Barrier lately.”

Evan swung his head around, shock covering his face. “Really?”

Hiker shrugged. “He thought that he had spelled the Elite Globe to hide his activity, but I’ve seen him leave a few times.”

“But is he okay?” Evan asked, glancing over his shoulder at the globe.

 “Yeah, he probably got himself into some trouble that we’re not used to,” Hiker stated.

“Like gawkers on the ground?” Evan asked.

“That or one of the other new technologies that Ainsley has told us about.”

Evan tapped the larger man in the arm. “You don’t think she’s right, do you? The modern world doesn’t really have witchcraft that allows them to spy us from space or whatever else?”

“I think she calls it technology,” Hiker answered. “And no. Don’t worry about it. I’m certain the world hasn’t changed that much in the hundred years since you’ve joined us.”

Evan let out a breath of relief. “That’s good to know. Then I’m sure that you’re right. Adam is probably—”

The flat-lined beep cut the dragon rider off.

Hiker swung around. Rushed toward the Elite Globe. Pressed his face to the dot that glowed brighter than all the rest.

“No!” Hiker yelled, knowing what that sound meant, although he hadn’t heard it in quite some time.

“I-I-It can’t mean…” Evan asked, stuttering.

Hiker would have rushed off. Rescued his friend. Crossed the Barrier, but by the time the beeping started, it was over.

He stepped back, shaking his head in disbelief. “He’s gone.”

“No!” Evan argued. “We can get to him. Kay-Rye. We can save them.”

Hiker had lived long enough to know the truth. “We can’t.”

The leader of the Dragon Elite had lived long enough to know that doubting the Globe only led to insanity. Every leader tried to change what it said, but once they realized that it only spoke the truth did they have some peace.

“So he’s gone? How?” Evan asked.

Hiker strode for the door to his office. “That’s what we’re going to find out.”

He’d pulled open the door and was almost through it when a different beeping sound echoed from the globe, pulling his attention back. Hiker would have believed that his friend was back and the globe was wrong. However, he knew the higher, slight distinction of the beeping that the globe was emitting. It didn’t mean that an old dragon rider was back. It meant that a new one had been born.

Evan backed up, looking between the Elite Globe and Hiker. “What is it?”

The leader of the riders couldn’t believe it. It had been over a hundred years since he’d heard that sound. He had told himself it might not happen again in his lifetime. But here it was. Not since Evan, had he heard that sound from the Elite Globe. It was the echo of birth, awakening, of something remarkable.

Hiker shook his head, dispelling the strangeness building in his head. “On the very same night, one rider has fallen, and another has risen.”


Poor Hiker, having to lose his friend like that. But it sure is beginning to look a lot like a fantastic story! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? If not, go here and grab it now!

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