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Chapter Five

The sun would rise over the Gullington in just under an hour. Hiker stared out the dark window that would soon be lit up with morning sunshine. He never got tired of seeing the Pond shine with rays of morning light. But on this day, it felt like an insult to the grief in his heart that craved the dark for a little longer.

The men would be up and ready for the memorial soon. Hiker had one very important thing to do before they were awake.

He looked down at the piece of parchment under his fountain pen, thinking of the person he was sending the note to. Liv Beaufont was a warrior for the House of Fourteen, but that didn’t even begin to explain who she was, based on the information he’d gathered recently.

She had led the House of Fourteen from where it had been, stuck in the dark ages, to where it was now, full of magical races that acted together for the betterment of society. This warrior was the reason that mortals could see magic again. She was therefore the reason that the dragon riders would soon have a role in this world after centuries alone—unseen.

And she had, as he expected, been hiding something…or rather someone.

Hiker wondered if the new rider who magnetized to a dragon was his age when it happened to him—forty years old. Or maybe he was older? Or like Evan he was in his early twenties?

This immediately made him wonder about this dragon. He knew there were some rogue ones spread across the globe, although any past expeditions to find them had been a failure. Dragons, if they didn’t want to be found, wouldn’t be.

If it were any of the dragons that he’d heard about, then they were quite old. Not as old as Bell or how old Kay-Rye was, but still, they’d be a good addition to the Elite.

He set the fountain pen onto the parchment, beginning his note.

Dear Warrior Beaufont,

As I had suspected when I paid you a visit recently, you have been harboring a dragon rider. I have now had confirmation of this and believe that he is in close proximity to you.

Hiker glanced up, thinking. The Elite Globe had given him such information. Before, when he’d confronted the warrior, it had been simply a guess. But now that the rider had magnetized formally to their dragon, it was concrete. He could pinpoint their location exactly and it showed this person was in close proximity to the warrior for the House of Fourteen—Liv Beaufont.

It made sense. The House was full of experienced warriors. This filled Hiker with excitement. The guys, Evan, Mahkah and Wilder had been so young when they magnetized to their dragons. Hiker had to teach them so much, on top of training them on how to ride. It would be nice to have an experienced magician in their mist. Still, he didn’t like the timing straight after Adam’s death, but that’s how things happened sometimes.

He returned to writing the note.

Below I’ve included coordinates outside our borders. It is only for the newest dragon rider to use to find our location. Only a rider will be able to pass through our barriers, so I encourage you to never share the approximate location of our headquarters with anyone. It will cause them nothing but suffering as we are prepared to fight anyone who ventures close to our lands.

Hiker shook his head, tempted to say more, but realizing he’d be lying. The Elite’s numbers were nothing of what they had been. And now, without Adam, they were at a serious disadvantage.

He hung his head, realizing how sad his predicament had become. Once, the Dragon Elite were the strongest force on the globe. Presently, he had three riders who had never properly been in battle. And soon, he’d have a brand new one. A man he’d have to train from the ground up.

Hiker sucked in a breath, undeterred as he returned his focus to the page. He’d build the Dragon Elite back to what they once were. Better. He’d make them better. And once mortals were ready, they’d set off to rule over their affairs, as was once their roles.

Warrior Beaufont, respond right away to this message with confirmation. I want word about this new rider and that he is on his way to me. I will respond in kind, by letting you know once he’s in my authority.


Hiker Wallace

Leader of the Dragon Elite



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