Did you know there are three fantastic new series coming your way this May? And one of them launches this week!

This time, one series is set in the Atlantica Universe and takes you into the future of Atlantica.

The other two series are set in the Oriceran Universe and release the same week later this month.


If you enjoyed the first five series in the Atlantica Universe, prepare for something new…

Plunge into the far future of the Atlantica universe and discover that the adventure didn’t stop just because Earth did.

Humanity has abandoned Earth and taken to living among the stars. Earth is a dying planet, but many treasures were left behind for the brave and bold (or perhaps the brave and stupid) to reclaim if they are willing to leave the safety of Atlantica Stations and venture down there.

Dante Slate, professional Plunderer, has no problems going down there to get what you want, if you’re willing to pay the price.

Join Dante as he runs and guns his way through danger and betrayal on the dying Earth this week. Dauntless releases May 5. Preorder your copy!


Are you a fan of the Oriceran Universe? If so we have not one, but TWO new series launching this month…

There’s a shifter vigilante in Seattle but he’s more than meets the eye.

He’s tall, dark and rich, and in addition to fighting crime behind the scenes, he’s getting ready to launch a new invention.

Now that the world knows about magic and Oriceran, mayhem is stirring up in Seattle.

A new twisted figure has arrived on the scene – Bechtel Stryker – and he has an ancient bone to pick with Henry. His people, the Picts were robbed of their essence eons ago, and Henry has a piece of the puzzle. Stryker wants it back and he’s willing to do whatever it takes. 

Will Henry negotiate with an ancient warrior when his loved ones are threatened? Or will he do what he does best? Fight with honor and to the end, even if no one ever knows his secrets.

A preorder link isn’t available yet, but as soon as one is available, we will update this post with it!

Preorder your copy now!


If you enjoyed Federal Agents of Magic, Scions of Magic, Rogue Agents of Magic and other series by TR Cameron, then this series will be right up your alley.


Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane is a Witch with a Badge – and a Dragon for a partner.

You have to fight magic with magic and as the feds are discovering, it takes more than just firepower to bring magical fugitives in.

When a federal judge is killed, she discovers she’s in the middle of a territorial battle between criminal organizations. The killer is a magical, or working with one, which makes Cait the perfect Marshal to take them down.

Will she succeed and defeat the threats facing not just her, but her coven?

Preorder your copy to find out. Witch With A Badge releases May 25.


We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the new series coming your way, along with all the other new releases, in May! We’ll be back later this month to tell you about EIGHT new series arriving in June which includes a new series in the Kurtherian Universe and many other series!