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The date is quickly approaching! The Uncommon Rider is almost here! To whet your appetite, we have the 7th snippet here just for you!


Chapter Six

It had been a hard day for Liv Beaufont. She hadn’t slept in…well, the last time hadn’t been that day. And maybe the one before that. She’d lost track as she trudged to her apartment, intent on curling up in her bed and snoozing for days.

She sighed. Who was she kidding?

She’d get maybe four to five hours before some emergency awoke her. That was fine. The House of Fourteen was robust, full of members voting on issues that pertained to the magical world, that made it a better place. Surprisingly, she loved her demanding job.

Mortals had recently been awoken to the presence of magic, and seven had joined the council, presiding over important matters.

Still, Liv wondered, when given the chance for such luxuries, who took care of the mortal world? The House of Fourteen had the job of enforcing laws for the magical races, ensuring that no one abused their powers. Before magic was visible to mortals, she’d always suspected that the police and firefighters and whatnot took care of their affairs. But now… things, well, they were a bit more complex.

She shook her head, both because of exhaustion and confusion.

“Things are a lot more complex,” she said as she rounded the corner to her apartment.

“You’re talking to yourself… yet again,” Plato, the small black and white cat beside her said. Well, he wasn’t really a cat at all. In the magical world, the mysterious and mischievous creature was known as a lynx and not much was known about them at all.

“I’m not either,” she said, shaking her head again. “I’m simply answering myself.”

“That makes it sound worse,” he stated.

“Well, that’s what happens when I’m not allowed to sleep.” Liv shrugged, pushing the black hood of her cape off her head, looking forward to shrugging off the garment and getting into some pajamas.

“So, you should know… before you go up…” Plato trailed away, stopping at the base of the stairs.

Liv turned, already rolling her eyes at the lynx. “What?”

“Well, you have mail.”

She tilted her head to the side. “How do you know that?” Waving off the question, she shook her head, used to his mysterious ways of knowing things. “Never mind. And if I do then it’s just spam from some mortal business.”

“It isn’t actually,” he said coyly.

Liv lowered her chin. “So you’re telling me that someone who isn’t mortal has put mail in my postbox even though none of the magical creatures I know use such a method? Why?”

He pretended to watch traffic on the street behind her. “Beats me.”

“Beats you, eh?” she asked. “Are you sure that you’re not just playing games with me so you can get upstairs first, taking the best spot in the bed?”

He gave her an incredulous expression. “Would I really do that?”

She stuck her hands on her hips. “Every chance you get.”

“But seriously, you’ve got mail.”

Liv strode for the post box she’d hardly ever checked. “Why wouldn’t this magical person just send me a message to my phone or I don’t know, some other way that is way more efficient?”

“You’ll find out soon,” he said, a hint of teasing in his voice.

“Seriously, Plato, if you know something, you can just tell me.”

“I can, but it’s better this way.”

She shook her head. “For you maybe.”

Liv opened the post box, a bit nervous about what could be residing inside the small compartment. Tentatively, she retrieved a thick envelope, sealed with wax and embossed with a seal of a capital “E”. On the front, in old English cursive was her name: Warrior Liv Beaufont.

“Who writes letters anymore?” she asked, studying the envelope.

“People,” Plato answered, full well knowing he was being less than helpful.

Shaking her head at the lynx, Liv opened the correspondence, unprepared for its contents.

It would change everything. And although she’d known that it was inevitably coming, she wasn’t completely ready for it.


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