Male Narration Audie Nom


Can you believe it? We’ve been nominated twice in the Best Male Narration Category for the Independent AudioBook Awards!


That’s right, 2 of the 5 Male Narration nominees belong to LMBPN books! Woot Woot! This just speaks to the quality of books as well as the exceptional voice talents we work with.

Have you listened to these books yet?


Shades of Light, book 1 in the Hidden Magic Chronicles by Justin Sloane and Micheal Anderle was narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds! Tim not only narrates for indies, but he also works with some of the biggest names in publishing, like Penguin, Random House, and Recorded Books.

Shades of Light Audio


The truth will set you free, but what happens when the truth is a lie?

Rhona and her paladin brother, Alastar, belong to a holy people who have waged war on witches and warlocks and their clans from the highlands. But when she uses magic to save his life, their world is thrown upside down. On the run, having left all they knew behind, they have to rely on those who hate Paladins. All magic is evil, the High Paladin taught… but Alastar starts to understand that he might have been mislead. If his sister uses magic, and she isn’t evil… what does that mean for his beliefs?

Brother and sister soon find themselves aligned with magic users and thrown in with the clans in a war against sorcerers and paladins alike, with only one hope of uniting the land – the legendary Sword of Light. It was lost years ago, and quest after quest by the holy paladins could not retrieve it. When you know the truth about magic… anything is possible.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, Shades of Light tells an entirely new story in the Age of Magic – and of the heroes and villains who battle for control of its destiny.


Darkest Before the Dawn is the second book nominated in the Male Narration category. Written by Michael Anderle and Ell Leigh Clarke, Chris Abernathy narrated this series. Chris’ deep voice really captured Michael’s character. Did you know he’s also a weatherman? Shh, don’t tell anyone! LOL

Darkest Before the Dawn


Michael continues to work to fulfill the promise to his love, but the world isn’t the same place.

Now, there is a mistake he made centuries in the past walking around he needs to rectify.

To complicate matters, there is a group out of England believing Michael’s blood will be just what they need for their business. While they get nasty Vampires off the street at the same time.

Further, the effort to pull together the Sacred Clan’s ship parts are starting to come together.

Unfortunately, no one wishes to give Michael and his new family any help.

What is a man with a hair problem supposed to do?

Michael has his own brand of justice, and this world now understands the Patriarch is back.

Nothing will be the same.


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