Uhhh…  No?

Why do I sense bit of hesitence on that last reply?

Because I’m sure we haven’t started a war, I’m just not sure if we have potentially stopped one.



Why is TOM speaking for the both of you?

Oh, shit.

TOM, keep quiet.

>>Because he said it would be better that only one of the two of us speak, it would reduce the opportunity for confusion.<<

Confusion about what?

May I speak?


>>About the story.<<


>>That we didn’t start World War III.<<<

Is that answer positive?


TOM, Dammit, Shut…Up!

>> It approaches Unity.<<

How close to Unity?


Bethany Anne laid back on the mat, wrapping her arms across her eyes and spoke out loud, “Am I to understand, that the alien and AI team of TOM and ADAM went off and incited enough of a concern with the Chinese that World War III might have occured?”  Her voice was calm, almost monotone.

Oh shit…again.  Tom said.