Bethany Anne laid back on the mat, wrapping her arms across her eyes and spoke out loud, “Am I to understand, that the alien and AI team of TOM and ADAM went off and incited enough of a concern with the Chinese that World War III might have occured?”  Her voice was calm, almost monotone.

Oh shit…again.

>>I fail to understand the issue.  The chance was insignificant that War was going to break out.<<

Bethany Anne refrained from kicking any walls here, she would break her foot before the granite walls caved.

ADAM, have you checked to see what the downside of that 1.3% chance?

>>Do you mean, have I calculated the potential negative effects if the 1.3% event should happen?”



Do that sometime.  The more lives you affect negatively, the smaller the chance you should allow when you implement something.  Get back with me when you have figured the results for those calculations.

>>I will.<<

Ok.  I know you guys didn’t start out to potentially have the world go up in flames.  The same world, I might mention, that I’m working my ass off to save.

It would rather mess up my original mission.

Bethany Anne snorted.  Not to mention get your own alien ass burnt up at the same time.  

Yes, there is that.

So, what were you doing, really?

Well, ADAM had figured out that China had been working on hacking the computers for some of your companies pretty hard.  From there, he was able to backtrack and take over their intermediate cut-out command computers, cutting them off.  Finally, he was able to get ‘into’ the origination machines and deliver a message that they should stop their preperations for cybernetic warfare.

Bethany Anne thought about this for a minute.  You mean, they are laying the groundwork to kick off a completely debilitating effort against computers and also specifically targeting some of Michael’s companies?

Well, they are yours now.

I doubt that the person involved cares.  They must still be after something in them.  ADAM, do you have a list of companies targeted?


Please contact Lance and let him know these companies are targeted and see if there is any correlation between them.

>>There is.<<

Sorry, forgot who I was communicating with for a second.  What is the correlation?

>>Technology, R & D and finance.<<

Well, the technology and R & D makes sense for China, but the finance?  That seems personal or at least non-state focused.

Perhaps this is a quasi-state operation?  Or someone is using state resources to accomplish a goal?

The way I understand China, you had better be high up in the political structure to pull off a stunt like that.  If your using military resources to accomplish personal goals and you aren’t protected, it is a good way to lose your life.

>>I can give provide those statistics if you would like?<<

No need at this time, but thank you for asking.  We need to find out what those companies are researching and what kind of money these companies have available.

What are you thinking?

I’m thinking someone is considering doing the same thing I am right now, using Michael’s accumulated wealth and company capabiliites to strike out on their own.  If they grab his money, that helps them use it to build what the R & D is proposing.  ADAM, please make sure that all of company computers are hardened against intrusions and see if you can ferret out any spy-ware or virus stuff going on.  Let me know what you find.

>>I will have to break through your security companies protection in some cases.<<


He’s talking about Nathan’s company.

Oh.  Forgot about that for a second.  Can you make it through without the security guys figuring it out?

>>There is a greater than sixty-five percent chance of success but I am not aware of a way at the moment.  Any higher guess will require more research than I have already done at this time. Any time I encountered a company with a Guardian installation, I did not make a prolonged effort to circumvent their protection.<<

Be gentle, but see if you can get through.  Choose a company that has the Guardian install, but isn’t a focus on the Chinese at the moment.  Don’t do anything to military or R & D companies.  God only knows what would happen if you leave a path through for someone else to find.

>>There will be no ‘path’ for someone to find.<<

Really?  What is the chance of you doing this perfectly, does it equal unity?

There was a pause.


Then I rest my case.