“I think that’s his idea, sweetie.”  Patricia said.

Bethany Anne turned to her, “You too?”

“Me too what? I’m just pointing out the obvious.  I’m not sure what happened to cause you be so upset with him.”

Bethany Anne crossed her arms. “Nothing. Happened.”

Patricia looked over to Lance who was watching his daughter and minutely nodded his head up and down.  “I see.  Well, if you want to have a proper relationship with such a powerful supporter you need to go down there and have a discussion about the ‘nothing’.”

She stared at her dad who stared right back.  Finally, she dropped her eyes, “I’ll take it under advisement.”

“No, you will go and do it.”  Lance said. Bethany Anne brought her head back up in a flash, but Lance kept going, “You can’t have such a significant opportunity become a potential misunderstanding between you and Michael. Left unresolved it has potential for an enemy to use against you.  That is bad leadership just because you’re having a spat about God only knows what, young lady.”

She jerked her head up and down.

Lance turned back to Kevin, “What is your concern about security?”

Kevin flipped a page over, “We are implementing a large amount of electronic surveillance devices and triggers across the property, the problem is both the size of the base and how easy small drones can get on the property.”

Bethany Anne asked, “Are we talking quad-copters or what?”

Kevin turned his page one more time, “Those, plus tiny insect devices, bugs on items brought in, long range laser devices against the windows in the R&D area plus the normal people, data transfers and other miscellaneous items.”

Bethany Anne pulled a leg up and put her elbow on her knee putting her chin in her hand.

Kevin looked over to Lance who shrugged his shoulders, out of the corner of his eye, Kevin caught Patricia putting up one finger.

“We need vampires.”

Patricia coughed suddenly and then laughed a little, Kevin going to pound on her back but she noticed and said, “No!  It’s nothing.  I just wasn’t expecting her to say we needed ‘more’ vampires!”