Bethany Anne was smiling and Kevin noticed that Lance seemed in thought when he asked, “What are you thinking?”

She shrugged, “If we had enough for a night crew, they could easily handle any night-time incursions.  I doubt much would cross their sense of smell and we could easily send two out in a Pod anywhere on base property very quickly.  If something happens to them, then they have the best chance of surviving…”

“Other than Wechselbalg.”  Lance pointed out.

“True.” She stood up and walked a few feet to the left and turned.  Talking while she paced. “But the truth is that both Vamps and Weres are just two sides of the same technology.  I can get rid of the sun issue, but any Vamps that we recruit would need to be trusted before I offer that solution to them.”

“Why don’t you trust Vamps?” Kevin asked.  Lance turned to him and raised an eyebrow.  Kevin remembered Lance dressing him down for doing a full background check on a blind date and told him, “I’m just curious.”

Bethany Anne answered, “It’s actually a good question.  Ever since I’ve been turned, I’ve been introduced to ass-hats whether they are Vamps or Weres.  The truth is that ass-hats are everywhere.  When you give them superior skills it can make a tiny ass-hat that is bearable into a significant ass-hat.  With Michael, I have a good chance of making sure we get decent people.  I don’t have enough of a rep with the Wechselbalg yet to get them here on base with us.  Pete’s handling that side for me right now.”

“Are you sure you have Michael’s help?”

She turned to her dad, “I heard you the last time you got your ‘dad bat’ out and jumped into my personal life, I’ll go see him, ok?”

Lance put his hands together on his desk, looked above her head for a second then looked her in the eyes, “Yes, I think that will do.”

“Thank you.”

“So long as it’s soon.”

Bethany Anne opened her lips to let her dad see she had her tongue held firmly by her teeth.  His grin caused her to smile.  “Fine dad, I’ll go see him tonight if he has time.”

“Oh baby,” Patricia said from behind Bethany Anne.  “He’ll have time.”