Thank you ALL for being patient as the new book was getting done.  I’ve already been hugely blessed by many readers letting me know they enjoyed it.  Then amazed to find out that a few readers had read it twice in the first 24 hours.

Seriously?  D@mn!

I think that the books are ‘more’ than me (the author).  It is a group of characters we all want to be around and it has grown to a large group of fans who enjoy the camaraderie of each other, as well.  I think we are all part of a really cool (if tiny in the big scheme of things) story that is kinda unique in the Indie publishing world.

I’m looking to do so much more – stay tuned to hear what’s coming along that isn’t all just ‘the next book’, but what can we do about audio, what about other shirts, new MODEL has been found to build completely new covers… I’ll reveal that soon 😉 and more.

THANK YOU so much for being a part of the Kurtherian Gambit universe and allowing me the chance to follow this dream.

Michael Anderle

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