Have you heard of the Independent Audiobook Awards? It’s the Indie Audiobook version of the highest award you can get! Think Oscars or Emmys but in the independent audio market.


LMBPN published the audio version of Judith Berin’s Dark Is Her Nature novel. This audiobook nomination has spoken to readers of all ages, not just fans of YA. Dark Is Her Nature is book 1 of 8 in the School For Necessary Magic Series. This outstanding and award-nominated audio was narrated by the very talented Kate Rudd!




For hire: teachers for special school in the Virginia countryside. Must be able to handle teenagers with special abilities. Cannot be afraid to discipline werewolves, wizards, elves, and other assorted hormonal teens. Apply at the School of Necessary Magic.

Alison is a young Drow princess whose power is just beginning to grow inside of her – too bad for the dark forces after her. They won’t see it coming. Even better…Alison’s making a few tween friends who can stand by her side.

School’s in session – the world’s about to change.



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