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Wild Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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An Assassin's Accord e-book coverAn Assassin’s Accord:

Sometimes, the biggest monsters don’t have claws and look just like humans. Because they are!

 The world is different. An alien ‘infection’ of flora and fauna is contained by massive walls and substantial firepower over in the middle of Africa.  It holds the promise of immortality, and infinite wealth.

Now, when a country needs help finding and taking down the worst they have a new company to call. McFadden and Banks. They will get the job done or die trying. Whether the monsters are human, or alien. This is their story.

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No Fear and the Codex e-book coverNo Fear and the Codex:

The Daniel Codex:

Everyone has their limits.  Will Daniel survive being pushed past his? Alien conspiracies. Double agents. And a femme fatale with a tragic backstory. Just another day in the life of CIA Agent by day, antiquities shopkeeper in public, Daniel Winters. Traveling the world, seeing places most people only imagine, seems like a dream job…until someone starts throwing fireballs at you. James Bond meets Harry Dresden in this action-packed paranormal thriller that’ll keep you guessing .

I Fear No Evil:

Wanted: Tomb Raider – No experience necessary. Requires Life Insurance. Will be working with deadly magical artifacts and killers. Shay Carson had a wake up call when a hitman was sent after her. Her previous profession was getting a bit personal. Then, life offered her a chance to disappear, and she did. What’s a girl to do with a very specific set of skills? Take up Tomb Raiding! Behind every complicated woman is a story. For Shay, it happens to be a little complicated and she can’t share with her new friends. Better to lie to her friends, than have to kill more for knowing too much!

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Hot, Blue, and Righteous e-book coverHot, Blue, & Righteous:


A routine morning turns deadly as Concho Ten-Wolves, a Texas Ranger working the Rio Grande border between Mexico and the U.S., responds to a bank robbery where shots have been fired. The robbery proves to be the least of Concho’s troubles as it opens up a mystery that pits kin against kin and lust against love. Through the heart of it all stalks an elusive figure whose crimes are just coming to light.

Everyone is pushing Ten-Wolves to stay out of it, to let sleeping dogs lie. But Concho has already taken sides and he’s about to push back.

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Anarchy Road e-book coverAnarchy Road:


When former mob leg-breaker turned PI, Jake Caldwell leaves a rock concert with his daughter, they fall victim to a bombing by a mad man with a depraved vision. Jake quickly discovers they weren’t the first victims and, if he doesn’t do something fast, they won’t be the last. While his daughter Halle fights for her life, Jake and his best friend Sheriff Bear Parley follow the bloody clues and uncover an evil plot to pit the polarized sides of the nation against each other to shred the fragile remains of the social fabric holding the country together. If Jake, Bear and their friends with the FBI fail, more people will die, and the country will plummet into chaos and a point of no return.

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25 Tales of the Surreal and Fantastic!

A farmboy knows that if you plant sweet potatoes just right, you’ll grow zombies that can work your fields. A would-be suicide ascends a volcano as part of corporate geomancy spectacle. A four-slice toaster muses on the meaning of life. A professor visits an oracle/prostitute to secure tenture at his university. A trickster god offers an old man new hope and an unusual beverage. A novice vampire struggles with how to survive the barest of powers. The last survivor of Atlantis redefines what’s important in life. And that’s just the beginning.

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Walking on The Sea of Clouds e-book coverWalking on the Sea of Clouds:

Before permanent lunar encampments such as Clarke’s Clavius Base (in 2001: A Space Odyssey) or Heinlein’s Luna City (in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress) could be built, there would have to be the first settlers–the first people to set up shop and try to eke out an existence on the Moon.

Walking On the Sea of Clouds is the story of such lunar pioneers: two couples, Stormie and Frank Pastorelli and Van and Barbara Richards, determined to survive and succeed in this near-future technological drama about the risks people will take, the emergencies they’ll face, and the sacrifices they’ll make as members of the first commercial lunar colony.

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