It’s afternoon! I had some technical issues (I know, i know, don’t look too surprised), but now that they’re resolved, I’m here with your new releases for the week. A new series and two releases in series we love always make for a good week for reading, right?

I have 3 amazing books launching this week and the first one released today also launches a new series! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Ho-Ho-Ho Hostility 
Series: Kringle’s Classified Ops Book 1
Release Date: 07/01/2024

A jolly guardian. A sinister collective. Christmas hangs in the balance.

Meet Kris Kringle. Behind the cheerful facade lies a skilled warrior with a mission: to protect the joy and spirit of Christmas from those who seek to destroy it.

When a sinister organization known as The Shadow Collective threatens to manipulate the stock market and bring global chaos, Kris must step out of the workshop and into the fray.

The Collective’s schemes threaten to unravel the very fabric of the holiday season.

He must infiltrate the shadows, outsmart his enemies, and stop the Collective before they can execute their final, devastating attack.

Will Kris’s unwavering determination and the magic of the North Pole be enough to save Christmas from the forces of greed and corruption?

Or will The Shadow Collective’s ruthless pursuit of power plunge the world into a bleak, joyless winter?

Title: Mercenary’s Apprentice
Series: Diplomat’s Apprentice Book 5
Release Date: 07/02/2024

Will she get her chance to become a mercenary?

Or is she trapped in her prominent family’s political intrigues?

Anwyn Owens anticipates joining the mercenary team she has close ties to. All is going well…

Until an attempt on her uncle’s life threatens to derail a diplomatic mission to Morvaise.

Escalating attacks force him to ask the mercenaries to provide security while they investigate a series of threats. To Anwyn’s annoyance, her uncle requests her to join his diplomatic team “one last time.”

Mounting evidence points at the Hrithain representatives, who want Morvaise to join their empire instead of the League. Is that enough to provoke murder? Or are the Hrithain seeking personal vengeance?

Nor can the team rule out an inside job. Who in the League—or worse, from Anwyn’s own planet—wants her and her uncle removed…permanently?

Adding to the confusion, one highly placed member of the Hrithain royal family is paying more attention to Anwyn than she likes.

Will she and the team be able to avert disaster?

Join Anwyn and her friends as she navigates the challenges, complications, and risks of becoming a mercenary. Two interstellar powers might never be the same after messing with the Mercenary’s Apprentice!

Title: The Misplaced Warrior 
Series: The First Beaufont Book 3
Release Date: 07/05/2024

Not only does she have to prove her innocence, but she’s got to dig up evidence on the Commissioner—showing that he’s the villain behind all the major crimes in Los Angeles. But Charlie Sloane is already one step ahead, planning the biggest attack on the city yet.

Gen has to get out of jail.

She needs to clear her name.

And then, this medieval warrior must discover the truth.

What she learns will change everything. She won’t know who to trust, but she will need help to stop the Commissioner for good.

Can Gen Beaufont expose the mastermind behind the corruption and save Los Angeles from the brink of chaos?

Or will the criminals lurking in the shadows take over, unleashing an evil so rampant that it could consume not just the city, but the entire world?