Another month is flying past us. We’re already in the last 11 days of May. Crazy isn’t it? At least at the end of this week we have a three day weekend. Well, you all do – you still get a newsletter from me on Monday morning, but I don’t mind that considering we have new releases to tell you about each week!

I have 3 stellar books launching this week and the first of those releases hit this morning!  That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Sailing the Streams
Series: Black Pearl: Freelancers Book 2
Release Date: 05/20/2024

A debt to the galaxy’s powerful elite could cost her everything.

Madison “Justice” Caertais’ wandering father, Terry, needs her help repaying a debt that has him in the clutches of the sinister bankers of Sherman, Gotrice & Darber.

Their only hope is Terry’s dangerous plan to capture the legendary pirate ship The Gentleman Caller and its notorious captain Arthur Lancing Darber. This could finally free them from the banks’ clutches and the debts of Terry’s overeager dreams.

With the Gypsy Rose and their freedom on the line, can the Caertais family survive being pulled into the vortex of Terry’s ambitions? Or will they all be consumed by the banks’ greed for repayment?

Sailing aboard her father’s battered ship, Madison must overcome her inner demons and a legion of outer obstacles‑ruthless pirates, monstrous creatures, and a renegade captain driven by an insane obsession.

Facing betrayal, and the haunting specter of a legendary “living” metal ship, can Madison achieve the impossible and emerge a freelancer captain in her own right?

Will she find justice in the deep dark…or be consumed by it?

Title: Scales of Truth
Series: Drakethorn Legal Book 2
Release Date: 05/21/2024

When you piss off a lawyer who’s also a dragon, you will face worse consequences than going to jail.

Crucial evidence is missing in Stacy’s new trial against her old foe.

Then pivotal witnesses recant their testimony.

What’s an ethical lawyer to do?

Go kick someone’s ass, of course.

And blow a bunch of money at the Twenty-four-hour Witch Apothecary.

Title: Witch-Mage Convergence
Series: Chronicles of the WitchBorn Book 7
Release Date: 05/24/2024

When Thea sees Mia’s head bounce off a bookcase during a routine scry, she tries to use magic through the spell.

When Brandon and Jax try to rescue their friend, things don’t go as planned.

Someone at AID is a traitor.

Thea wants to burn the place down, but first, she has to rescue Brandon and Jax.

Burning question: Is Thea a better cook than Brandon’s mom?

Will they all brave a hurricane to find out?