May is marching right along. At least this month has a three-day weekend in it at the end of the month! That also means school will be out for summer and then the pools will be open and all the fun that summer entails will start! Do you have any plans for the summer months?

I have 3 thrilling books launching this week. You get today off from the new releases. Those start on Tuesday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: The Hybrid Sovereign
Series: The Therian Throne Book 4
Release Date: 05/07/2024

The seal on Ash’s soul is broken, and Nadya is dead. Long live the queen?

The Therians know their salvation came at Ash’s hands. The court of public opinion isn’t happy, but that’s the least of her concerns.

The broken seal unleashed the magic within Ash—and she can’t control the power.

Everything around her changes faster than she can track. Then the inconceivable happens, upending Ash’s world and plans. Again.

She should have known Nadya’s evil machinations wouldn’t end with her death.

Taking control of the vampires and forging a new peace with the Therians after eons of war should earn Ash the right to sit at Luca’s side…

But not everyone is content to let the past go.

Can Ash maintain regal grace while overcoming the challenges to ascend as the Hybrid Sovereign? Or will she handle this with a liberal application of F-bombs and judicious ass-kicking as usual?

Title: The Breach 
Series: Stonecrusher Legacy Book 5
Release Date: 05/08/2024

We’re taking the battle to our enemies!

After freeing many of their dwarven clanspeople from imprisoned servitude and rescuing the elves of the Ahn’Ziu enclave from a corrupt king, Waldorf and Mallick have seized their destinies.

They’ve also learned what it means to take up arms and fight for the oppressed.

A powerful adversary holds Princess Tempress captive in another realm. The spirited elven healer is forced to confront her beliefs and ideals as she struggles to escape, torn between her desire for freedom and her steadfast conviction that violence is never the answer.

Waldorf and Mallick are helpless to aid her. Instead, they must navigate unfamiliar terrain as they embark upon a harrowing rescue mission to save more clanspeople and the Ahshula brood.

The cost of victory rises as the three strike back against their oppressors.

But with each battle won, Waldorf moves one step closer to his ultimate goals—reuniting the dwarf nation and saving his girlfriend.

Once in, never out!

Will Clan Stonecrusher finally be reunited? Can that bring them closer to defeating their ultimate enemy? What will this mean for the elves of the Ahn’Ziu enclave?

Title: A Reaper This Way Comes
Series: C.O.R.P.S.E. Book 5
Release Date: 05/10/2025

In a world where androids fight for freedom, one stands apart.

Maris, a rogue android with a mysterious past, infiltrates the Nexus, an underground organization promising liberation for her kind. Delving deeper into their secrets, she uncovers a sinister plot that threatens the future of both androids and humans alike.

Joined by her loyal dog Hero and a skilled hacker named Spyder, Maris must navigate a treacherous landscape of rival gangs, powerful cyborgs, and her own haunting past.

To stop the Nexus and their deadly revolution, Maris risks her life, her friends, and the very freedom she fights for. She must confront the truth about her own identity and decide where her loyalties lie: with her android kin or with the humans who created her.

In a world where the lines between human and machine are blurred, will Maris embrace her destiny as the savior of mankind or the harbinger of its destruction?

Find out in ‘A Reaper This Way Comes’, the thrilling fifth book in the C.O.R.P.S.E. series. Join the hunt for the truth and get your copy today!