Another beautiful week is upon us. And that means we’re itching closer to graduation season if it already hasn’t started for some folks. I’ve heard rumors there were some graduations already this weekend! Whether you’re a college student, parent of a student, or grandparent of a student graduating this month, we hope you have fun with the celebrations! 

I have 3 marvelous books launching this week and the first book was released this morning That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Spells, Wishes, & Enemies
Series: Spells & Wishes Book 5
Release Date: 05/13/2024

When EverAfter pulls Charlotte Weaver and her friends into a dangerous situation, she’s the only one who can save them.

The race is on to find answers before the worst happens and one of their own falls.

After Charlotte heads to the docks in search of the infamous and most mischievous of former lost boys, she realizes her visit with Pan only raises more questions than answers.

Just when their search for knowledge leads them back to Ginger’s forest to find the witch herself, they realize something is very wrong.

The magical realm has other plans, and Alex is at the heart of it.

Their real-world search has now turned into a magical quest, and the human detective isn’t quite prepared.

Finding Charlotte’s missing handbook pages will have to wait because saving the man she’s come to call friend is now top priority.

Detective Alex Taylor’s life hangs in the balance inside of an enchanted cave quite literally designed to be his downfall.

Can Charlotte control her magic and find what she needs to save him?

Or will the cave overpower her, too?

Title: Flight of the Dragon
Series: Dragon Oath Book 5
Release Date: 05/17/2024

The price of victory is often another battle.

Artemisia now protects three planets, including Earth, humans and dragons working together to fight an enemy that wants to wipe them all out. And the Protectorate has finally begun to pay attention.

The entire galaxy is at war, and so far the dragons are losing. Artemisia has changed that, but there are still many more worlds, many more versions of Earth and the Protectorate have new orders.

Can Artemisia continue to work with humanity to keep them safe and obey her leader? Or will her loyalty to those she serves have to come above those she has grown to love?

She’s learned to fight the enemy far more efficiently and effectively than the Protectorate have ever seen, but the people around her are a big part of why and how. She needs them as much as they need her.

Will Artemisia grow into the leader she needs to be, or is this one fight too many?

No one can survive forever. Luck and skill both run out.

Is this the end of Artemisia’s winning streak?

Title: Big Breaks and Quick Deaths 
Series: City of Angels and Elves Book 4
Release Date: 05/16/2024

Family ties may become frayed, but they are never truly broken.

Mable was never her parents’ favorite. That was her older sister, Agatha’s privilege. Until Agatha married someone from the wrong side of the Mythical tracks…

Mable wasn’t sure she’d ever see her sister again. Then she gets a mysterious message asking for help…

…while she’s on set for her first major role in a movie.

Their parents disowned Agatha when she chose love over family and left home to be with her new husband—a human, and a scientist.

Now Mable has to save her sister from…she’s not sure what. Fixing her relationship with her sister wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t for where she had to go:

Vegas. Double YUCK!

Can Mabel help her sister without sacrificing her chance at the big break she’s worked so hard to get?