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Week in Review January 2 – 8, 2022

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Two powerful enemies and a shaky alliance. End game is here. The Osprey must win or die. The Fleet and the berserker alien K’tax are creating chaos in the skies above Locari. Alliances shift, and for a brief moment the Fleet and Osprey fight side-by-side to beat back the K’tax advance. Did the tide turn, or is this just the eye of the storm?

Everything Jaeger did was in the name of the daughter she believed died years before. A daughter who seems to have risen from the dead—and is now being held hostage by the Fleet. Jaeger agrees to speak with the Fleet. She needs to know where their alliances truly lie. With the K’tax still orbiting the planet, Jaeger knows her greatest test is about to begin.

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Checkmate e-book coverCheckmate:

The end is nigh for either humanity or the ascensionists. Who will be left to pick up the pieces? Gödel has made her final move and the future of Irth hangs in the balance. How far is Bethany Anne willing to go to prevent Kurtherian victory? If you don’t already know, then you haven’t been paying attention…

The Queen Bitch returns to the planet of her birth and gathers the heroes who rose up to defend Irth in her absence. Meanwhile, the Federation is under attack from all sides. While Bethany Anne’s rage scorches the Irth, Lance gets to experience the unity he always dreamed of as the Federation factions unite. Long awaited family reunions must take place under the shadow of the final war. Old faces and new come together to fight for what is theirs… …and no one is immune from the consequences of war.

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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and Stephanie is no longer the only human with access to MU. The attacks on Stephanie are coming from every angle—personal and professional. Her devotion to improving the future for Earth will not be swayed. It’s a new semester—and new students will be learning from Stephanie’s experience. Stephanie’s sights are set on a welcome reunion.

Assassination attempts abound as the Federation’s enemies step up their plans to subvert peace and justice. Stephanie continues to push her understanding of magic with the assistance of Elizabeth and BURT. When the enemy are discovered to be operating from Earth, Stephanie’s team are the only ones who can take them out. Will Stephanie succeed in uncovering the depth of the treachery poisoning the navy without paying a harsh price?

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Decide Fate e-book coverDecide Fate:

Things are never what they seem. Sophia Beaufont is about to learn that firsthand.

Tracking down the stolen dragon eggs leads to more mysteries that have to be solved.

Fighting magitech with dragons has its challenges. But also so many advantages. Even state-of-the-art cyborgs are no match for a dragon’s speed, strength and intelligence.

However, winning the battle is just the beginning when the Dragon Elite realize there’s a much bigger war being waged. Can they jump into action and defeat the enemy they never saw coming?

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Contain or Die e-book coverContain or Die:

It’s only a matter of time before the Zoo unleashes the final onslaught in its carefully laid plans… Is there a way, however desperate, to buy time to prepare for what might be the final battle?

Everyone looks to Sal for answers, but can his unique brand of crazy devise a strategy bold and stupid enough to draw the Zoo’s attention from the wall? While the race continues to try to find a solution for the seemingly indestructible nanotech, Sal taps into his Goop-enhanced capabilities.

Will he be able to use these against the enemy, or will it use the channel of communication to overwhelm him and take control of his mind?

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