A very warm Monday is on tap for many of the folks living in the U.S. It’s a good thing we have some great books designed to keep us entertained while we read on the cool indoors of our house, right? 

This week we have on series ending – in fact it ends with today’s launch! Two new series beginning on Wednesday and Thursday, and two other series continuing.

If you haven’t seen the sneak peek for the series that launched last week, check it out below. I’m sure we’ll have some teasers posted for the other two series this week. Keep an eye on our website for those articles!

I have 5 amazing books launching this week and one of them is already available! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

Find out all about the series at the link below!

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Magic Awakens
Series: The Evermores Chronciles Book 8
Release Date: 06/13/2022

The Darkness Between Dreams is back and this time, he will let nothing stand in his way of unleashing his nightmare upon both worlds.

Fran and Cam have deciphered the prophecies. Something dark and terrible is coming soon and the light is needed to defeat it.

Will they be able to find out exactly what they need in time?

Magic is failing on earth causing fights, chases, and a quick break for beer.

Fran needs to convince the Evermores that her generator is a better solution than the Source. Could a wrong step lead to a magical civil war?

The resistance is steep, and it will take every ounce of persuasion she has to get them to agree to her plan.

Hope is a powerful weapon. Will Fran and the Evermores be able to use it to return things to normal and remove the darkness?

Title: Mayhem In Montreal
Series: Case Files Of An Urban Druid Book 1
Release Date: 06/14/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Welcome to the whacked and weird world of Fiona mac Cumhaill. If you’re new to Team Trouble, welcome. If you’re back for more—awesomesauce.

In the past two years, I leveled up as a kick-ass urban druid and became the leader of the Fianna Warriors my ancestor Fionn mac Cumhaill needed me to be.

The thing is—four months ago everything changed.

The veil between realms came down.

With dormant genes waking, the dominant races jockeying for their place in the hierarchy, and the world around us pulsing out of control with power, my position as the Fae Liaison of Toronto has gotten off to a chaotic start.

Is anyone really surprised?

In her second series, Case Files of an Urban Druid, Fiona brings you more druid adventure, family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery.

Title: Sins of the Father
Series: The Victorious Redemption Book 1
Release Date: 06/15/2022

Jasmine is coming back for the man who killed her.

After a late night rendezvous with a stranger goes sideways, Jasmine finds herself waking to a man holding a gun loaded with silver bullets. In her final moments, she hears her killer utter her long-lost father’s name.

Her world should have ended when she tumbled from that 17th story window…

Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave.

Fueled by confusion, Jasmine is lost and alone in the city she once called home. Unable to tap into her Were powers, she will need to rely on her newly-emerging abilities to navigate the seedy underbelly of the city.

Who is her father? What does Deshawne Pierce want with her? Who is the strange half-fairy who runs her local tavern?

All these questions demand answers. If Jasmine can rise from the grave, surely the truth can, too?

Title: Glory and Sacrifice
Series: Opus X: Fleet of One Book 5
Release Date: 06/16/2022

When in doubt, bomb it out.

Cyrus’ advancing understanding of the ancient alien artifacts recovered from the Treasure System has given the team something they’ve desperately needed for a while: a clear destination.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, Kat and Cyrus hurry to neutralize the threat of all-powerful ancient aliens before the monsters awaken and lay waste to the galaxy.

Peace through superior firepower only works when you’re the one with the biggest guns.

However, their enemies aren’t staying quiet. Clone assassins are roaming the galaxy seeding havoc. Deadly ancient weapon systems are coming back online, more powerful than anything ever encountered.

Target systems are popping up all over the galaxy, and the UTC can no longer rely on a single crew and ship to solve the problem.

The first tentative steps toward a defensive alliance with an alien race are on the table. Humanity already has a diplomatic relationship with the warrior Zitarks.

It’ll be easy to forge a stronger treaty. Right?

Cyrus and Kat have been in a race from the beginning. But have they lost and just don’t know it yet?

Title: The Savvy Renegade
Series: The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Book 5
Release Date: 06/17/2022

Love knows no distance…

Unless all transportation is magically gone.

When lovers and families are separated due to an evil curse, Paris must spring into action.

The cause of this global tragedy is unbelievable.

It sounds more like a tale from the Wizard of Oz than something real.

Ironically, the person to blame is a wicked witch.

The wicked witch.

However, Paris doesn’t want to stop her.

She wants to help the Wicked Witch of the West to find romance.

Can Paris Beaufont save a scorned woman before she destroys love?

Or will heartbreak be the end of the planet for good?

Marshal The Stars Banner

Lawlessness in a small desert town, no marshals, and raiders. The wild west in very much alive even in space. Check out this snippet for Marshal The Stars, book 1 of Lone Wolf Squadron!