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Week in Review January 17 – 23, 2021


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The GodKiller:

Skharr wants a break. He needs a break in his life, and a quiet trip back to Verenvan. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen. An old god might be making waves in a dungeon that has laid undisturbed for centuries. No one wants that to happen, so Skharr is asked by a local temple of Theros to get involved. Unfortunately, the temple does not have many resources to offer him. The one paladin who happens to be nearby is on a sabbatical. And she has definetly heard of the Barbarian of Theros. It’s Skharr, a paladin on sabbatical, and three mercenaries who are just along for the treasure against what most likely will be power beyond a DeathEater’s ability to handle. Not one to shy away from danger, Skharr and Horse aim their path back to Verenvar. They just need to find and kill an Old God…and not die before they get there.


Hostile Negotiations:

Sometimes one must face one’s fears to get something accomplished.  Even if death would be preferred. Poaching is a crime. Poaching when a person is using the ZOO to help make it happen is a crime against humanity. That’s when McFadden and Banks get involved. Unfortunately, the trail heads off in multiple directions and one of those arrows goes straight back to the ZOO. Taylor is going to have to face his fears. Niki is now going to have to face hers, and no one around her is happy about that. It’s a tough job, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Right? Not if you are McFadden and Banks, it just fuels the anger. When a job absolutely must be accomplished, you hire McFadden and Banks. They will get the job done or die trying. Whether the monsters are human or alien.


Thicker Than Blood:

Killing Lord Boneclaw once wasn’t enough.  The deadly elder dragon has returned through a combination of human and dragon magic, and he’ll stop at nothing to be avenged on those who wronged him in the past! More than anything else, Boneclaw desires the powers Kylara Diamantine possesses. If he can steal her ability to learn new dragon powers, he’d be truly unstoppable. If Kylara is killed in the process, well, Boneclaw considers that a small price to pay… But Kylara isn’t going to roll over and let him destroy her. Surrounded by allies both old and new, she’ll face down the monstrous dracolich Boneclaw has become. She doesn’t have a choice. It’s time to win…or die.



The Shadows are recruiting on the dark web, releasing secrets of the spectral world to the living. Murder, mayhem, and misery are Brendan Koa’s game, and Jennie isn’t willing to play by his rules. The Umbra has vanished, and so have Queen Victoria’s SIS agents. How will Her paranormal Majesty react? A large-scale, relentless pursuit of the former agent and his right hand woman pulls Jennie, her friends, and the SIA into the rabbit hole.  What is a girl to do when two worlds are about to collide? She breaks out the cocktail shaker and prepares to kick ass. Jennie must rely on the friendships she has made and her allies within the U.S government for backup as she closes in on Brendan Koa. He will learn: a woman scorned makes an enemy to be feared. But will Queen Victoria ever let Jennie go?


One Last Choice:

Some mysteries don’t solve themselves…The trail seems never ending. Sadie Turnberry had played her cards close to her chest, but she’s not the main target anymore. Another name whispers in the wind. A name with no background but a whole lotta legacy. Dick has caught a whiff of the endgame and now he can’t let go, no matter who gets in his way. Accompanied by a fabled mercenary slash assassin-for-hire, Valentina Winters, Dick is about to bring the whole system crumbling down on itself. All in the name of a pendant.

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