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What’s a story without a good bad guy? Even more so when it’s not exactly a person.




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Centuries ago, humanity crawled inside its bunkers and vowed never to come out. The air was too toxic, they said. The earth was too dangerous. But did everyone agree?  Jessica13 and her little service mech Mini have been looking out at the horizon, wondering, “Is it really all that bad out there?” Maybe the grass is greener just beyond these fortified hills. Maybe life is better with a little bit of sky above your head… So when she gets the chance, she leaps head-first into a wide-open world that’s every bit as grand and lethal as promised. Hunters who are more than willing to kill no matter your age or gender lurk in lost cities and junkyards. Only her wits, Mini’s speed, and a hell of a lot of engineering skills can keep them both alive.


An Assassins Accord:

Sometimes, the biggest monsters don’t have claws and look just like humans. Because they are! The world is different. An alien ‘infection’ of flora and fauna is contained by massive walls and substantial firepower over in the middle of Africa.  It holds the promise of immortality, and infinite wealth. Now, when a country needs help finding and taking down the worst they have a new company to call. McFadden and Banks. They will get the job done or die trying. Whether the monsters are human, or alien. This is their story.


Unexpected Opportunity:

Would you be willing to chance dying to come out of a coma? Would you do the same if it was your son’s life? Mary and Senator Tad Williams pushed their son Justin to go on a date that went horribly wrong. Now, they try to figure out a way to help their son out of a coma. At almost $5,000 a day for ICU expenses, their insurance options are running out. Amber, Nick, and Jacob built a new immersive game system for the future. The only problem is, at $800 a day, no one can afford it. Dr. Dubois wrote a paper about how you might help a person out of a coma, but it was crushed under the might of the medical lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Now, the three groups need each other to save a life, fight the establishment, and help a young man in need.

Will the enemies win? Find out here: Week in Review