It's the start of what might be a short week for many of you (or long week for others). If you celebrate Easter, that's coming up at the end of the week – which is why it might be a short week for people. Whether it's a short or long week, I hope it's a wonderful week for all of you.

This week is a unique week in that we have THREE series coming to an end this week. Chronicles of an Urban Druid, WarMage Redux, and The Exceptional Sophia Beaufont all wrap up with their final books throughout the week. But we have one new series coming at the end of this week and you know there are more series coming soon too. In fact, I've heard rumors of a new Urban Druid series coming down the road. I bet you all can't wait, right?​​

I have 6 amazing books launching this week and one of those released this morning. That's pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week's New Releases

Title: A Danger Destroyed
Series: Chronicles of an Urban Druid Book 15
Release Date: 04/11/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

It is the Time of the Colliding Realms—the Keening—the Culling.

Everything that happened over the past eighteen months has led to this moment. The good and the bad. The triumphs and the tragedies. Now my family by blood, by choice, and by circumstance face the battle to balance our world’s alignment.

United as Team Light.

When rays of first morn's light warm the depths of the sacred tomb,
The powers of dark and light will hold their ground or seal their doom.

Yeah, that’s not daunting at all.

Attacked by powerful players from all sides, enemies, allies, and a few surprise guests rally to fight the fight of the millennium. Even if we win this war, the world as we know it will never be the same.

Fiona brings you more druid adventure, family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery in A Danger Destroyed, the fifteenth and final installment of the Chronicles of the Urban Druid.

Title: The Crimson Assault
Series: WarMage Redux Book 8
Release Date: 04/12/2022

Welcome to the Threndoren wedding. Raven is there with Chui by her side, along with all of Brighton.

But who is that with William Moss?

No time to figure it out. The dragons grow restless, and the dogs start barking – An ominous sign.

The ‘I do’s’ are broken up by giant frogs crashing the ceremony and attacking the guests. Murphy is ready with her axe, fighting them off in her wedding dress.

Is there enough of the shrinking potion to take care of the rest?

Raven needs to find a solution before the next creature to morph is something more deadly. She seeks out the alchemists who may have a plan.

Everything is leading to an epic battle for Raven and her brave, red dragon.

But will the return of an unexpected Mage change everything for Raven? So many questions left to answer and all of them coming your way.

Title: Rise of the Witch
Series: Witch of the Federation Book 14
Release Date: 04/12/2022

The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and human Witches are training alongside Meligorn mages.

Please Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Witch of the Federation VI.

Stephanie has bigger fish to fry than navy personnel who believe she is out of control.

When Stephanie’s and Todd’s parents are targeted, the Hooligans are given permission to return to Earth.

The war in the shadows is about to become very public.

The Teloran fleet is on the move, and an anti-alien group are stirring trouble on Earth.

The Telorans are watching Meligorn and the Dreth suspect they are also under scrutiny.

Will the effort to save those in danger succeed? Or will revenge have to be enough?

Title: Magic Lost
Series: The Evermores Chronicles
Release Date: 04/13/2022

Break a mirror, bad luck will follow. At Mana Wave Industries the shattered glass has opened the portal to old enemies.

Fran Berryman isn’t losing everything she built just like that. This witch will fight to protect and preserve what’s hers.

But the Darkness Between Dreams has plans to unleash his nightmare realm.

That can’t be good.

Are the pieces of the prophecy coming together and who will be on the winning side?

Can the Source remain hidden? The Evermores will die trying, but Fran isn’t so sure they’re right.

The band of witches will have to come face to face with the Darkness Between Dreams and destroy him at last or die trying. Who will survive the battle?

Title: Final Resolution
Series: The Exceptional Sophia Beaufont Book 24
Release Date: 04/14/2022

In the end, one superpower must fall for a single empire to rise.

Note: Final Resolution was previously published as a part of the megabook, Ultimate Resolve.

The question is, will it be the one on the side of good…

Or that of evil?

Sophia Beaufont might have a third option.

However, this is a brand new risk that no one has dared to try.

But losing more dragonriders is simply not an option for Sophia and Lunis.

If they want a new world, they know they’ll have to do something different than before.

Can Sophia and Lunis create peace among the Dragon Elite and the Rogue Riders before it’s too late for everyone?

Title: Wake Him Up
Series: One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 1
Release Date: 04/15/2022

Could the first Vale settlers have predicted anything but the perfect civilization they were determined to create?

How was it possible that their advanced culture and knowledge could one day prove to be their greatest disadvantage?

Had they not learned the bitter lessons of man’s weaknesses and overcome them?

Centuries after being driven from Earth as part of a massive diaspora triggered by an alien invasion, can the Valers face their worst—and unimaginable—nightmare?

Can they withstand the might of the Komran Empire as it sweeps across the galaxy in a campaign to conquer all in its path?

When the conflict reaches a crisis point, will they recognize that what they see as their greatest strength is their greatest weakness before it’s too late?

Sometimes, situations are so ugly that only an ugly solution will suffice.

Will they have the courage to unleash the secret weapon they have in their cryo hold?

Are they desperate enough to resort to the kind of tough and strong that is bold, bad, and brazen enough to turn their society and the enemy on their heads?

Joe Ugly is undoubtedly the Marine for the job. But is the galaxy ready for One Ugly Marine?

One Ugly Marine Banner

Sometimes modern problems don't call for modern solutions. Tensions are rising on planet Y-7254, and something has to be done. When it comes to old-school warfare they need someone who has seen it all. Check out this snippet for Wake Him Up, book 1 of One U.G.L.Y. Marine, which is releasing on Friday.