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Temperatures are dropping but there is plenty to read inside where it’s warm with this week in Review:

 December 6th- 12th


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All Dwarf’ed Up:

Dwarf the Bounty Hunter’s going to Portland, Oregon, and the hounds are going with him.  Eight humans all marked with dark magic are losing their mind, terrified of a demon that doesn’t exist. Keep Portland Weird just took on a whole new meaning.  They need a bounty hunter. Johnny Walker is ready to clean up the streets and get back to his quiet front porch in the Everglades. He’s that good. But a clue to an old case comes up where he least expects it. The Red Boar’s drug ring has spread across the country like a poisonous vine, wrapping around the one place no one dares tread with the bounty hunter. The murder of his daughter.


Silent Night:

WHY CAN’T THEY JUST LEAVE CHRISTMAS ALONE? Kris Kringle left behind his mercenary life to atone and accepted the responsibility to deliver presents to the children each year. The children will smile on Christmas morning at all costs. Even if Kris has to die to try to make it happen. Someone has set a trap for Kris Kringle. The problem is, Kris is willing to go anywhere to get those gifts to the children. Including to his dark place. This time, even Kris is surprised by who helps him. Be careful, world. You don’t want to piss off Saint Nick.



She is crass, has attitude, drinks too much and is the only living agent working for Queen Victoria, the Paranormal Queen. In 1901, Queen Victoria passed away, and took over the responsibilities of the Paranormal Court. When Victoria ascends to the Paranormal Throne, she acquires the help of a human agent, code-named Rogue. For well over a hundred years, this human has helped settle problems between the normal and the paranormal worlds. Usually with massive displays of attitude and disrespect. And a really, really bodacious set of…guns. Now, Rogue has been sent to the Colonies to help stop a paranormal revolution. Is Rogue over her head, or is someone trying to pull a fast one on her? Either way, America better be ready, because this Paranormal Agent parties like it’s still 1899!


Hawthorn Academy Year Three:

The system is broken and if I’m not careful, it’ll break me too. While my peers get excited for college, I brace for disaster. I’ve learned at Hawthorn Academy that danger can happen to anyone. To the jock. To the class clown. To my brother. Now I’m in the line of fire. All known extramagi must have their abilities tested. The way they do it is a horrifying secret. After witnessing one last year, I made a plan to expose the ugly truth. But there’s a mind magus on campus now, threatening me. And he’s totally within his rights to do so. Mr. Fairbanks leads the Board of Trustees, which demoted the headmaster and expelled my brother. Last year’s threat was only a symptom of bigger problems. Half the Trustees play quid pro quo while the rest flex their authority for personal vendettas. Mr. Fairbanks blames me for his daughter’s troubles. Mrs. Onassis says I poisoned her son’s mind. And Mr. Pierce thinks I’m taking advantage of his children. All because extramagi are supposedly evil. But now I suspect we’re scapegoats the influential families pin blame on.


How To Be A Bad Ass Witch Book 2:

Virtutis gloria merces Translation: Glory is the reward of valor Believing is just the beginning. Kera has run into a bit more trouble since purchasing ‘How to be a Badass Witch’ on a famous online bookstore. Now, there are plenty of people looking to make her life significantly more problematic and perhaps deadly. Just to make life chaotic she figures she might have a chance at romance, or will she? Desperate to make a difference, Kera doubles down on using her abilities to help others. Trying to balance her personal life, work life, and now her witch life just might take the last of the sanity Kera has left.


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