You may have noticed, things have been a little hectic the last few months and some of the books we talked about releasing on certain days got pushed back a couple of times. As some of you may know from reading Michael’s author notes, a couple months ago, we lost one of our editors. We are training new ones, but it has put the production schedule up in the air and has resulted in books being pushed back.

Because things are still in flux, we won’t be doing an August Preorder release email this month. I figured it would be safer to not promise dates that I know may get pushed back. We’ll still tease them as often as we can at the bottom of the emails, just no extra email this month.

I have 7 brilliant books launching this week and one of those has been out for a day already and the rest are all on preorder! That’s pretty sweet for a Monday!

Two new series this week! Isn’t that great? And one of these series launches LMBPN’s new imprint, Marlow and Vane. I’m sure we’ll be telling you more about that soon!

Do you want to find out more about this week’s releases?

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Witch With An Enemy
Series: Witch Warrior Book 3
Release Date: 07/31/2022

Cait Keane and her Dragon partner Aza are surrounded by powerful enemies.

Cait’s gone from restful meditation to combat with shifters in the blink of an eye – even the young witch’s refuge is no longer safe.

A roaming pack of wolves is threatening her coven and the nearby town. And more enemies are intent on taking the witches’ land, by force if necessary.

Back in Boston, a wealthy criminal’s bank vault reveals the greatest evil Cait has ever encountered.

Unlocking the safe put her on the hook for a favor to a master thief. Was the information worth it?

The peace between the Roses and the Dragons is over and the streets of Boston have become a dangerous place as the hidden war escalates.

On top of it all, the assassin Cait’s pursuing now has her in his sights.

Cait will have to be on top of her game just to survive. To have a fighting chance at victory, she’ll need to increase her power and rely on her allies.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Sorcery in San Francisco
Series: Case Files Of An Urban Druid
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

With the magical veil between our world and the fae realm down, the life we live has gotten weirder by the day.

Imagine cloud shape bawdiness, venomous invaders sneaking through tears in the fabric between worlds, and waking up to realize San Francisco isn’t where it was the night before.

Yeah, lost a city? Call 1-800-Team-Trouble.

Handling the whacked and weird of the world is my wheelhouse.

It doesn’t matter if it’s murderous escaped felons, back-stabbing sorcerers, crazy fae queens, or even slighted ex-lovers, Team Trouble is there to tackle the tough situations.

And by tackle, I mean scramble to keep it all from blowing up in our faces.

Case Files of an Urban Druid brings you more druid adventure with Fiona and Clan Cumhaill. If you enjoy family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery, you’ve found your family.

Title: The Nightmare Awakens
Series: Opus X: Fleet of One Book 6
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Cyrus and Kat are ready for the final showdown.

After the defeat of the frontier clone army, Kat and Cyrus are worried that humanity’s time is running out. Their shadowy enemy is prepared to murder millions and destroy entire star systems to reopen the ancient interdimensional prisons.

Unwilling to go down without a fight, the UTC government readies their ultimate battleship and assigns it to the team.

Kat and Cyrus have a new ship. Now they need a new army. A Fleet of Two is nice. Expanding the fleet could prove…challenging.

Knowing the only way to defeat their powerful enemy is by forming new alliances, Cyrus and Kat escort an ambassador to the border of Leem space to recruit the powerful aliens to their cause. Trying to talk with a species who understand the world in such a different way risks leading to a deadly confrontation.

War begins where diplomacy ends.

Recruiting aliens into a grand alliance might not be enough when their shared enemy possesses advanced ancient technology. One species has already fallen. There’s no guarantee the others will survive.

Title: Guardians of Tristholm
Series: Rise Of The Grandmaster Series Book 5
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Roll 15 for persuasion…and 1 for luck.

Note: This book was previously released as part of the megabook The Trials of Tristholm.

Lorelai is settling in as part of the Blue Dagger Society.

The guild return to Tristholm, where they have two missions: Help Ernie make it to the city safely, and find out what’s happening at the healers’ temple.

No one has heard from the priests there in some time.

The group secures the temple and a means to quickly travel between the two cities, but Tristholm is under attack.

The werewolves’ attack the on city is made worse by the incoming army of undead.

The Blue Dagger Society must join the defense of the kingdom or lose everything.

Can Tim and the team make a difference in the battle to save the city of Tristholm?

Title: The Kindling Burns
Series: Supernatural Criminal Investigations
Release Date: 08/03/2022

A woman with a secret grieving her daughter’s loss. Vampires emerging from the shadows to live openly among humans. Dark forces seeking to destroy them all.

They’re on a collision course with destiny, and it will be bloody.

Fourteen years ago, Katherine Troy went into hiding to protect her unborn child from her vampire enemies. Her world is shattered when her daughter, Jessenia, suddenly dies without explanation.

What happened to Jessenia? Do her ancient enemies have something to do with her child’s death? Kat has questions and no answers.

To make matters worse, on the day Kat buries her daughter, Major Barry Lawrence of the United States Army appears at the cemetery. He shocks her with news that the world leaders know vampires are real, and plans are in the works to merge them openly into human society.

Can Kat use this opportunity to search for the answers about her daughter’s death? Because she won’t stop digging until she finds the truth.

Jazmin Palu, an investigator with the US Army’s Central Investigation Division, is assigned to a top-secret team investigating strange cold case murders with unexplained elements. She has no clue what’s going on or why she was selected to be part of the team. All she and her teammates know is their new boss, a small-town university professor who doesn’t have a past beyond the birth of her now-deceased daughter, is as strange and mysterious as their cases.

Problem is, what she and her teammates don’t know could get them killed.

Title: Striking Gold
Series: Gallows Hill Academy Series Book 6
Release Date: 08/03/2022

Dark waters hide darker secrets.

NOTE: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Silver and Gold.

The sea around Key of Crowns is darker than any I’ve seen or even read about.

A final resting place for countless dead, the island is a perpetual battleground for the factions vying for control.Our quest has led us here for one purpose.

Stop the bloodshed.

The only way to do that is to win the war.

None of us high school kids know the first thing about fighting one, but my brother and the strange spider yokai he’s befriended have a plan.

Along with two individuals we never expected to meet on that island, all we can do is claim our victory or fail.

Can we win the fight, or will Key of Crowns claim our souls instead? 

Title: The Surgeon’s Scalpel
Series: Heinous Crimes Unit Book 1
Release Date: 08/04/2022

The latest serial killer is the sickest in history.

Can a 23-year old rookie with two PhDs stop him?

Christian Windsor is a certified genius. He’s also autistic. He’s just joined a special unit at the FBI whose current mission is to stop the murderer known as “The Surgeon.”

There’s just one problem…

This killer doesn’t make mistakes.

The most challenging case in years is taking its toll on the unit, and a second killer is lurking in the shadows. The bodies are piling up and the public is terrified they could be next, adding to the pressure.

Will Christian’s unique way of looking at problems be the answer?

Or will the unexpected turns of the case lead to him paying the ultimate price?

: This book was previously published as The Surgeon in the Luke Titan Chronicles.