It’s an exciting week. This is the last full week of April and at the end of this week, a new series launches. If you’re a fan of the Beaufonts, check it out. We have a snippet for it below. We also have a series ending on Tuesday and the rest of the releases continue series this week!

I have 4 superb books launching this week, and the first one is already out! The rest come out throughout the week.

This Week’s New Releases

Title: Back in Black
Series:  Chronicles of a Hidden City Book 2
Release Date: 04/22/2024

Two brothers hunting monsters, solving mysteries, and facing the sinister landscape of a sentient city coming back to life—and having fun doing it.


Who knew kickstarting a city’s mystical mojo would cause such chaos? Reigniting the Embers of Existence has the Hidden City of Isilon buzzing like a beehive after a double espresso.

All thanks to yours truly.

With a tsunami of awakenings, the streets are teeming with ancient citizens, creatures and critters, and those squid-faced nasties—the Dark Weavers. The danger is ramping up and with the enemy adapting to everything we throw at them, the battle to secure the safety of our streets is getting desperate.


Life is full of surprises—like coming back from the dead to babysit a city with a mind of its own. As if wrangling my jokester kid brother wasn’t a full-time gig, now we’ve got a whole population of mythical and mystical beings to contend with.

And they’re not all happy about the new management.

When Emmet and I uncover a secret so mind-blowing it will change the landscape of the war against the Dark Weavers, and the island itself, everyone must pull together. Our monster hunting and mystery solving days are far from over but when the dust settles…I’m not sure what that will mean for me and Emmet.

Dive back into the action with Clan Cumhaill and Team Trouble in book two, where the stakes are higher, the laughs are louder, and the adventures of the Cumhaill brothers hit full throttle.

Title: Showdown in the Big Easy
Series: Big Easy Bounty Hunter
Release Date: 04/23/2024

Sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to be scarier than they are.

Under constant attacks Matt and Natalia have weathered the storms of multiple plots against them.

Now, with her ability to use her powers hampered by Dark magic, can she survive being held captive by one of the monsters from her past?

Matt has spent his life using his powers for good. First as a Silver Griffin and then as a licensed Bounty Hunter sent after magical beings bent on destruction.

This time the Dark Families have gone too far and The Big Easy Bounty Hunter is willing to do whatever it takes to get his partner back.

Will he listen to reason and play the long game or will he unleash the monster inside?

Title: Witch-Mage Ascending
Series: The Chronicles of the WitchBorn Book 6
Release Date: 04/25/2024

Jax and Brandon are on the hunt for a rogue caster and find a room full of dead young men—and Marie Laveau’s ghost.

Thea is having a different problem. Someone is banging on the bathroom door, demanding that she come out and explain herself.

Can she never get a moment of peace?

When a magical leech tries to crawl up his nose, Brandon smacks his head on the sink and knocks himself out. Marie Laveau makes another appearance as he comes to and demands his help.

While he talks to the phantom, Thea tries to come into the bathroom.

Can Brandon never get a moment of peace?

Renegade Coven Mother Folsom is determined to keep Thea from making peace with the Coven and attacks in the middle of a crucial binding spell.

Will Thea be able to prevent her friend Mia from being possessed by Marie Laveau?

Title: The Timeless Vigilante
Series: The First Beaufont Book 1
Release Date: 4/26/2024

It’s time for a Medieval dragonrider to fix the modern world.

Six-hundred years ago, Genevieve Beaufont stole a dragon egg and buried it. Now it’s time for that egg to finally hatch. It’s time for Gen Beaufont to be the rebel she always dreamed of.

Gen, a resident of 15th century England, finds herself stuck in modern day America—all because she was overly curious and followed strangers through a time travel gate.

Two things have always gotten Gen in trouble: her curiosity and defiance. But times have changed, quite literally. Those traits could save her life.

In modern times, crime is out of control. Only one person can fix it—someone who doesn’t play by the rules. Someone from the Medieval era.

Genevieve was one of the first Beaufonts—the most powerful magical family to ever exist. The Founders of the House of Fourteen. The ruling forces over the magical world.

Gen always knew that she’d inherit her father’s legacy, she just didn’t know it would happen quite like this.

Can Gen Beaufont take the reins on a magical world established by her family centuries before but now entrusted to this timeless vigilante? Or will the modern world break this Medieval warrior?

You never know what is lurking in the shadows. But you can get a hint with this snippet!