M.D. Cooper & Andrew Dobell

with Craig Martelle & Michael Anderle

Malorie Cooper likes to think of herself as a dreamer and a wanderer, yet her feet are firmly grounded in reality.

A ‘maker’ from an early age, Malorie loves to craft things, from furniture, to cosplay costumes, to a well-spun tale, she can’t help but to create new things every day.

A rare extrovert writer, she loves to hang out with readers and people in general. If you meet her at a convention, she just might be rocking a catsuit, cosplaying one of her own characters, or maybe her latest favorite from Overwatch!

She shares her home with a brilliant young girl, her wonderful wife (who also writes), a cat that chirps at birds, a never-ending list of things she would like to build, and ideas…

Find out what she’s working on at www.aeon14.com
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I’m Andrew Dobell, a storyteller based in Surrey in the UK.I’ve written stories since I was a teenager, including running numerous Role Playing Games through the years. As I started a family and gaming became something I didn’t have time for any more, I knew i wanted to do something with the characters that I had created.
My first book, Epic Calling in the The Magi Saga series is a direct result of wanting to keep telling those stories.

I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories and have ideas for all kinds of stories covering the breadth of the SFF Genre.

In addition to being an Author, I work as a Photographer, Illustrator and Retoucher, which includes doing Book Covers.

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