Natalie Grey

with Michael Anderle

Natalie Grey grew up in rural New England, surrounded by a lot of vegetables and relatively little excitement. Therefore, she was obliged to make up excitement by pretending to be a knight, mage, jet-setting international assassin, jedi, or (occasionally) a shape-shifting dragon. She read everything she could get her hands on, from Lord of the Rings to Modesty Blaise, and eventually started writing her own stories full of what-ifs and snarky put-downs. Now she lives with her two German Shepherd mixes in the frozen wilds of Minnesota, and does a lot of inventive swearing while she shovels.

Damned To Hell
Risk Be Damned
To Hell And Back
Metamorphosis Online Complete Series Boxed Set
Reign With Axe And Shield
Frank Kurns: Tales Of The Unknown World
Trials and Tribulations: A Kurtherian Gambit Series
The Vigilante Chronicles Omnibus
The New Queen Rises