Natalie Grey

with Michael Anderle

Natalie Grey grew up in rural New England, surrounded by a lot of vegetables and relatively little excitement. Therefore, she was obliged to make up excitement by pretending to be a knight, mage, jet-setting international assassin, jedi, or (occasionally) a shape-shifting dragon. She read everything she could get her hands on, from Lord of the Rings to Modesty Blaise, and eventually started writing her own stories full of what-ifs and snarky put-downs. Now she lives with her two German Shepherd mixes in the frozen wilds of Minnesota, and does a lot of inventive swearing while she shovels.

Damned To Hell
Risk Be Damned
To Hell And Back
Metamorphosis Online Complete Series Boxed Set
Reign With Axe And Shield
The Vigilante Chronicles Omnibus
The New Queen Rises
Frank Kurns: Tales Of The Unknown World
Trials and Tribulations: A Kurtherian Gambit Series