Frank Kurns: Tales Of The Unknown World

Frank Kurns: Tales Of The Unknown World

Four Complete Stories in Frank Kurns Tales Of The Underworld.

For Fans of the Kurtherian Gambit series

You Don't Touch John's Cousin

Cheryl Lynn had been in trouble with her soon to be ex-husband Mark for nine months but now he had upped the harassment.

The only problem? Cheryl Lynn's cousin John was just informed and his boss is coming along for the ride.

Bitch's Night Out

This book takes place DURING "Release The Dogs of War" The Kurtherian Gambit #10 

John looked at all of his guys, “That would typically mean we go to a bar, but I’m not sure how much that would affect us. While I fully intend to end up in a dive, I think there is only one way to get rid of the pent up aggression I’m feeling.”

“Well, considering how you're decked out,” Eric said, “I think you believe we need to work out our aggression?"

“What I’m thinking,” John said, “Is that the best way to get rid of aggression is to mess up some people who desperately need to be messed up. So, I’ve had Frank help me locate a few places that need help. Now, we might not make it to all of them, but by the end of the night we will have done some major good, and I’ll start feeling a little Karmic balance restored. If you guys aren’t full up, well, we will just have to schedule it again.”


A young woman, a bad boyfriend, a small black female german shepherd puppy.

One of these has got to go...

The story of Yelena, her relationship with Bellatrix and how they met the Bethany Anne while the two were trying to save her brother from a Wechselbalg.

And beer...Let's not forget the beer.

For fans of The Kurtherian Gambit series and world. This is set between books 13 and 14 in The Kurtherian Gambit and explains how Ashur's mate Bellatrix comes to be in the group.

And why Bellatrix knows how to properly respond to terrorists in outer space. (For those who LOVED that scene!)


Tabitha has one night to challenge her past, and her belief in herself. Normally, a person would fail.

However, Tabitha has an ace in the hole. A female vampire with hundreds of years of life and wisdom and she is willing to protect Tabitha and tell her the truth.

Whether Tabitha wants it, or not.

And whether the Vampire wants to hurt others is not in question. It is what her Queen would expect.

And Gabrielle will make it happen, like it or not.

"We kind of thought you have covered that with shoes…"

Bethany Anne has a challenge for her team, it’s just they don’t know what it is, exactly.

At first, the thought of a seedvault doesn't excite the team much. But the Queen has demanded a less stressful, more enjoyable opportunity to accomplish a needed goal for her people.

Then, they add inefficiency into the project on purpose.

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Natalie Grey

with Michael Anderle

Natalie Grey grew up in rural New England, surrounded by a lot of vegetables and relatively little excitement. Therefore, she was obliged to make up excitement by pretending to be a knight, mage, jet-setting international assassin, jedi, or (occasionally) a shape-shifting dragon. She read everything she could get her hands on, from Lord of the Rings to Modesty Blaise, and eventually started writing her own stories full of what-ifs and snarky put-downs. Now she lives with her two German Shepherd mixes in the frozen wilds of Minnesota, and does a lot of inventive swearing while she shovels.

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