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 June 20 – June 26, 2021

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Diplomatic Crisis e-book coverDiplomatic Crisis:

What if someone decided to change your life— without your permission?

Settling into her new life as the only Diplomatic Spy trainee, Seraphina Waters is blindsided by crisis from every side. Phina uses her unique skills to make a shocking discovery. Then you live with the consequences…

Drawing on her friends and her own inner strength, Phina has to move fast in order to save an entire species from extinction. Each day that passes brings death one step closer… not just for those she hopes to save, but for herself.

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Dare to Drow e-book coverDare to Drow:

The clock is ticking. Cheyenne Summerlin has TWO weeks to find someone else to take her place on the throne. Better search fast because the Crown isn’t keen on waiting. And the Crown isn’t the only one Cheyenne is having problems with. Tensions are rising between Nightstalkers and the Raug as they journey in search of a hidden prince. Her father, L’zar, is losing his mind – literally. And his followers are trying to keep secrets from everyone.

Of course not, but the Goth Drow is up to the tasks before her. Even if there’s an FRoE traitor causing problems for her on both sides of the portal. Time to confront the source of her problems. Cheyenne’s done playing games with the FRoE. She’s calling the shots from here on out.

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Anal Probes Suck ass e-book coverAnal Probes Suck Ass:

Two guys find a hot alien chick and save the world, right? No, not so much.

John and his friend Gage split up. One raced off into space to save the girl while his friend promised to start a ‘Save the Alien’ effort. What could possibly go wrong? Well, anal probes for one.

Meehix believes she needs the help of an old friend who is one of the best computer hackers in the galaxy. The only problem? He’s on ice. For 500 years. In a prison that no one has escaped from. Piece of cake, right?

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Better off Undead e-book coverBetter off Undead:

Vampire Lane Meyer usually only cares about two things: his girlfriend and his band, Night Creatures. When Della dumps him, Lane’s a wreck. When she starts dating Jazz era vamp Jack Steele the same night, Lane’s old guitar teacher becomes his rival. That same night, the Gatto Gang makes Lane an offer he can’t refuse. The band’s in debt to the shifter Mafia, so now Night Creatures has to win the Newport Battle of the Bands…or else. But they’re up against the Jack Steele Band, the winners for the last ten years. When people turn up at the hospital reporting blood loss, detectives investigate both bands.  Can Lane stay focused through Jack’s and Della’s public displays of affection, with Newport’s Finest watching him and shifter goons in the front row?

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The ZOO has pushed and pushed hard. What will the response be? Not everyone is happy about rumblings of the wall going up faster. Frustration abounds for everyone.  The ZOO has a new tactic, one so devious no one was expecting it. In the Czech Republic, the enemy explodes into action, surprising everyone. They need help desperately, but who to call? Before McFadden and Banks can help anyone in the ZOO, they will unleash a scorched earth policy on anyone who dares touch one of their friends.

Will Taylor and Niki get their friend back? Will the ZOO finally break out of the walls keeping it contained in Africa?

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Bright New Books Here: Week in Review



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