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Week in Review March 7 – 14, 2021


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A Druid Hexed:

Some days I kick life in the ass. Other days it kicks back. On a good day, wearing the Fianna mark tosses me into topsy-turvy trials. It’s a scramble but I manage to hold it together with the help of amazing family and friends: mythical, magical, and mortal. But despite best-laid plans, collateral damage occurs. I can live with me getting hurt but watching someone I love suffer—not so much. Is there any limit to where I’d go or who I’d face off against? No. There isn’t. On a quest to save life and love, and with no time to spare, I take on a world of dragons, gnomes, witches, and trolls. Out of my depths and against a power that can snap me like a twig, there’s only one thing I know for sure… Failure is not an option. Fiona continues her journey to becoming the druid she’s destined to be in this sixth installment of the Chronicles of the Urban Druid. Don’t miss a moment of this rollicking ride.


Dwarf it All:

Nothing in Albuquerque is as it seems. Johnny Walker can tell from the moment he arrives. Why do you think a Level 6 Bounty Hunter is still alive? The crime syndicate has invaded more minds than anyone thought possible. It should have been impossible. But dead men tell no tales or cast spells, right? Then why does it seem like a dead man is casting the magic involved? Johnny and Lisa follow the trail and what they find there only leads to more questions. Cyborgs are real. And one just went rogue. And another. And another. This can’t be good. Can Johnny and his team find the mad doctor responsible for rogue cyborgs blowing up multiple cities? Time for the bounty hunter turned private investigator to turn up the heat, track them down and bring them in.​


The Barbarian of Theros:

You are the name others call you. Barbarian, mercenary, fighter, lover, killer, thief, prince… God Killer. Emperors call him friend. He wanted to retire, now he wears a target on his back. Rumors of dungeons raided, dragons robbed, Emperors showering him with gratitude. Back in the city of Verenvan, Skharr is attacked. Not willing to leave him alone, his enemies have made a grave mistake. Because like a dragon, one should leave a DeathEater asleep. Now, they have awakened The Barbarian of Theros… And unlike his deity, there is no mercy in his soul.



The Dragon’s heir has been revealed, and Rathbourne stalks the land possessing mortals by the dozens. The lines have been drawn between good and evil. When her enemies join forces to conquer the world, Jennie must gather every ally and friend she has to take down the evil threatening their way of life. The only hope is for the King’s Court, Spectral Planes, SIA, and SIS to put aside their past differences and work together to save every mortal and specter in the world. Nothing that can’t be solved by a few cocktails and a steady supply of Hendrick’s potions. A clue sends Jennie and Baxter back to Washington, where they meet up with an old friend who could have some insight on the Dreadnought Conqueror. In the final showdown between good and evil, who will come out on top?


Southwest Nights:

Five years ago, everyone knew sorcery and magic were nothing but myths. One spectacular incident proved them wrong. Now men and women of power flaunt their supernatural abilities openly, using them for both good and evil. Sorceress Lyssa likes her reality TV and strawberry ice cream, but her day job of hunting down rogues and criminals doesn’t leave her much time for either. And that’s when she’s not worrying about containing a powerful and dangerous spirit forced on her. Paranoia is her other hobby, and it’s hard to burn away all evil in the world when she’s not sure if she’s working for the good guys. There’s also the small problem of people from her past popping up and trying to kill her. When gangsters surprise her with powerful artifacts on what should have been a routine mission, Lyssa is drawn into an investigation that threatens to upend what she thinks she knows about her past. With two enchanted guns and an attitude, this is one sorceress who isn’t going to let anyone stand in her way.


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