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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow… on This Week in Review:

 November 29th- December 5th


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A Family Oath:

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass. Since being marked as the heir apparent I’ve been stabbed, kidnapped, black-listed, tortured, targeted, and accused of being the cause of pretty much every magical mishap that’s hit the streets of Toronto. To some, I’m a nuisance, to others a curiosity, and others still—a problem to be eliminated. Whatevs, haters gotta hate. But when a mushroom cloud of dark and dangerous falls over my family and friends, there is nothing to be done but answer the call and fight. Who’s manipulating things behind the scenes? Who’s coming after the people I care about?


Walk The Line:

Sarah Jennifer Walton has pulled humanity back from the brink. Now she’s on a mission to reconnect the world. WWDE+214 – Earth is caught in the grip of an unnatural winter. Salem has emerged as the center of civilization on the East Coast. The barriers between the factions dropped when the UnknownWorld stepped up to protect the unenhanced from the Madness. The Defense Force is ready to tackle Europe, the Madness, and the malfunctioning climate control system Bethany Anne left behind. Sarah Jennifer leads the way as the pack forges new connections around the world. Not everyone takes the news of the impending break-up well.


Young Apostate:

One Heretic. One Apostle. She’s lost in space. He’s being hunted by a world-wide government. How do you cope when you find you’ve lost twenty-eight years and your homeworld is falling apart? How do you fight when you haven’t been taught? How far do you run when the whole world is looking for you? How do you survive in the middle of a radioactive wasteland? Forced from hiding, John seeks a way to bring down the Regime.


Diplomatic Immunity:

Sometimes the biggest monsters use their mouths for more than ripping and tearing. They use them to beguile their fellow humans. Taylor and Niki need to find out who is importing a dangerous alien serum and looking to mix it into the drug trade. The consequences might be more dire than humanity could possibly know. Along with a substantial amount of firepower, the main suspect has one more level of protection that’s rare. Diplomatic immunity.


Accept No Attitude:

If you were dying of cancer, would you risk entering a game that saved you from pain, even if you chanced dying early? Dorothy Hunt is not willing to go out with a whimper, but rather a bang. The main problem? Not all of her family will support her decision. This time, she gets to choose a body that isn’t pretty, isn’t bound by the social customs of her family and generation. “Make me ugly.” Unused to video games, fighting cancer, Dorothy Hunt is focused on providing the scientists something they can’t acquire without her. Data on an older human who is about to die.


At Athena’s Gates:

Centuries ago, humanity crawled inside its bunkers and vowed never to come out. The air was too toxic, they said. The earth, too dangerous. But not everyone agreed . . . The Auburn Revolution is fully underway. The odds look hopeless: a bunch of farmers against an army. But the Knights, secure in their honor and their armor, lay siege to the ominous bunker that has held Auburn in its grip for so long. Joining them is the mysterious figure known as the Prophet and the Western Railroad Company, which has always had a keen eye on this particular patch of turf. However, this is no mere bunker, and its terrible commandant is a ghost who reaches out from the Knights past to strangle them.


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