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Daring and courageous characters in this week’s new books.

July 25 – 31, 2021

Bold New Books Here: Week in Review

Contained Apocalypse e-book coverContained Apocalypse:

The future relationship between the ZOO and the world will forever be changed. Taylor and Niki are faced with a relationship crisis that will change their future. The ZOO just wants ‘out’ to finish what it was genetically created to accomplish. Who is going to win, humanity or the ZOO?

Mankind must do something it hasn’t done… since forever. Will Taylor, Niki, and the team be able to help the world going forward? One man’s hate of aliens and the woman who loves him might be pivotal to many of these questions. A Prince has decided that his collection of specimens will be the most unique in the world. Unfortunately, those in the cages might be the most intelligent in the area. A Prince is adamant that his security is superior, but is it really? Will the Prince be responsible for the downfall of the African Continent? Will Taylor and Niki survive this ZOO excursion?

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Rebel Tribe e-book coverRebel Tribe:

What do you do if you wake up hundreds of light-years from home in a strange ship and someone is trying to eat you? Jaeger can’t remember who she is or anything about her life.  The ship’s AI tells her there are thousands of other lifeforms on board, but the instruments say she’s alone—except for the killer.

Something deep inside her screams that humanity’s fate hinges on her completing her mission…whatever it is. Jaeger must repair the ship and figure out her past while fighting for her life. Will she survive? If she can’t recall her mission, will humanity?

From the twisted minds of Michael Anderle and Ramy Vance comes a new epic science fiction adventure unlike anything seen before.

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Yesterday Never Dies e-book coverYesterday Never Dies:

Rueben’s life couldn’t get any worse. The villain he’s facing off against seems to know Rueben better than he knows himself. Buzz, Rueben’s genius sidekick, has a plan. But it means that Rueben can’t use his abilities to get the job done. He has to get it right the first-time round.
No dying this time.

As the battle rages on, Rueben and his friends are beginning to realize more is at stake than first thought. It’s not just this Earth that’s in trouble. All the Earths in all of existence are about to crumble. If Rueben can’t stop this maniac in time, all human life will be wiped out.

And the only thing that can save everyone who has ever lived is Rueben… Humanity is screwed!

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Light of Equality e-book coverLight of Equality:

My first friend at Hawthorn was Dylan Khan. He’s had the short end of the stick all year. After being dumped, he keeps getting into fights. On top of that, he’s got to give service with a smile at the cafe.

When a familiar gets poisoned, Dylan’s the first suspect. Why are they blaming the air magus? Because it turns out he’s an extramagus like me. But without my family history or connections, his abilities are unknown.

The playing field’s tilted against him.To clear his name, Dylan must endure a torturous test. I know he’s innocent, but the witness won’t come forward. How can I get justice for my friend?

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Relentless e-book coverRelentless:

With most of its leadership annihilated, the Sacred Clan has scattered. Its survivors have turned their attention on the helpless across Asia. Despite Akio’s relentless determination to eradicate them, the Clan’s atrocities grow more brutal each day. A despot emerges amid the hellscape of battle. The Clan’s mantle of supremacy doesn’t stay empty long, and nothing will deter the new ruler from achieving his goals: Ensure the purity of the Sacred Clan and kill Akio—preferably painfully.

The assaults on humanity are endless. The Weretigers aren’t the only threat, and their villages aren’t the only hot spots of contention. Faced with a war on several fronts, Akio and his friends must defend against attacks from all directions. Mix in a few Forsaken, and it’s a recipe for complete disaster. Can Akio stop the attacks? And can he survive if more people he cares about die before it’s over? 

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The Interview e-book coverThe Interview:

Dismantling the Blood Trade wasn’t the end, but the beginning. Everything the Magistrates do has been called into question. Do they have probable cause? Are they respecting a suspect’s right against self-incrimination? The ambassadors have questions, and they think they know the answers, but only the Magistrates know the truth. Called before the Federation Council, the collective body for discussing matters that affect all member planets, Magistrate Rivka Anoa is put under the spotlight to answer for all she had done. Upholding the law wasn’t enough.

Or was it? The Ambassadors will vote. While the High Chancellor and the Magistrates are distracted, something else is happening, something sinister that needs The Interview to drag out. Who knew what when? Maybe that doesn’t matter. The better question is “Who is doing what right now?”

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323 B.C e-book cover323 B.C.

In the darkest of times… The most unlikely heroes emerge.

The year is 323 BC. In Babylon, a god dies, and an era ends. The Huntress of Men is present, only to find herself in the sights of a plot to rule the world. Out of her depth and set upon by powerful men, she must sift through a conspiracy of lies towards an even more shocking truth.

The heart of the riddle lies with two great men and the deadly secret between them. One is ALEXANDER; the other, ARISTOTLE. Once more, the Huntress never hesitates, but should she? Truth and action bear consequence, and their cost is high. Now, for her, the price will be tragic, unbearable, and will set her on a path of revenge from which she can never return.

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