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Week in Review January 16 – 22, 2022

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Angel didn’t expect life after death to be so heavenly. Two years have passed since she joined the Daughters of the Watchers. Her family has grown to include the other Daughters, and she has new job in the coffee shop where Pretzel works. She even has a date lined up with a hottie! A romantic stroll in Central Park ends with an unwelcome introduction.

The Daughters are understandably wary of the Nephilim who claim they want to be free of their fathers’ influence. Angel also has to contend with the brother she never knew existed. A contentious decision is made to bring in outside assistance when the Daughters discover Nephilim associated with are trafficking female hybrids through Raina’s father’s company. Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow…

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“Is killing a God possible? It might be, but you’d have to be some kind of idiot to even consider such a thing. Me, I’d rather not risk the ramifications. I’ve got enough to worry about right here.” ~Lanky Larry before tossing the dice.

Eternia was almost back to full strength, but the Duke was making her move to take over the kingdom for the Dark Goddess Vitaria. Now the Blue Dagger society would have to fight on two fronts. They had to secure the kingdom before taking the fight to Vitaria. The Duke wasn’t going to make things easy.So The Blue Dagger Society would level up their skills. Grind for the best loot in the game and polish their rotations until they are locked in and ready to go. With Eternia’s help against Vitaria, they might just stand a chance.

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The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and the Telorans have a thirst for death. While the Telorans dismiss Earth as the weakest link in the Federation, Stephanie is making progress with her plans to clean up her home planet.

Someone wanted Elizabeth out of the way before the private meeting to vote on whether to pursue peace or war. They didn’t stop to consider who her proxy would be. Stephanie arrives at the island to vote. War over peace. Freedom over slavery. One funeral is one too many. The Federation is at war, and Stephanie is determined it’s about time they acted like it. Will an increase in authority serve Stephanie and her team before Meligorn falls?

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A new side has declared itself in the battle for control of the Rhazdon artifacts spreading evil through the country. It’s up to Diana, Rath and Cara to keep the artifacts out of their twitchy hands. The ground under Diana’s feet is shifting, and it’s all the rogue agent can do to keep her balance and continue moving forward. Fortunately, she was made for this. Tracking down artifacts and enemies is her game.

Sloan continues his infiltration of a local outpost of the cult. But have they figured him out? He’s walking a thin line between discovering their secrets and risking exposure – and a battle he might not win.

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Alliance e-book coverAlliance:

Life in the fringe colonies is tough, but to Dante it’s home. Captain of the Xeartais crew, he leads a ragtag bunch of miscreants just trying to survive. But not everyone at the local space station plays fair. When Dante decides to unite several crews in an alliance it causes a ripple effect that will either tip the scales for good or end in ruin. Kit is running from the stifling life others wanted her to lead. When she arrives on Ephren and runs into the Xeartais crew, she wonders if she’s finally found somewhere she belongs, but she brings her own issues with her, and life in the alliance isn’t exactly safe. Can Kit and Dante keep the alliance mates safe from pirates, alien threats, and all the usual dangers of a colony, or have they both gotten in far too deep?

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Magitech can save the Dragon Elite… Or it will be their very demise.

Recovering the lost dragon eggs has pushed Sophia to new limits. But she’s starting to figure out just how powerful she can be.

The young dragonrider isn’t the only one. All of the Dragon Elite have unmatched powers. And that’s crucial since their enemies aren’t backing down…or fighting fair. Will the Dragon Elite save the lost eggs and mend the many rifts that time has created?

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The Phenomenal Faraday e-book coverThe Phenomenal Faraday:

A mystery like no other can only be solved by one. A talking squirrel.

When a scientific mystery comes into question, there’s no one better for the case than Faraday—the squirrel who knows the complexities hidden from most. But Faraday must do more than solve equations and chemistry experiments. He has to make friends—both new and old.

This squirrel will have to work with others to save a small coastal city from a torrential storm before it’s too late. The question at this stage isn’t even how. It’s about who else lurks in the shadows…

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