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Wild Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Semiautomatic sorceress complete boxed setSemiautomatic Sorceress Complete Series Boxed Set:

Sorceress Lyssa likes her reality TV and strawberry ice cream, but her day job of hunting down rogues and criminals doesn’t leave her much time for either. And that’s when she’s not worrying about containing a powerful and dangerous spirit forced on her. Paranoia is her other hobby, and it’s hard to burn away all evil in the world when she’s not sure if she’s working for the good guys. There’s also the small problem of people from her past popping up and trying to kill her. When gangsters surprise her with powerful artifacts on what should have been a routine mission, Lyssa is drawn into an investigation that threatens to upend what she thinks she knows about her past. With two enchanted guns and an attitude, this is one sorceress who isn’t going to let anyone stand in her way.

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Say the right words in just the right way, and step through a mirror into Mana Valley. A pocket dimension hidden on Oriceran. Are you in need of high tech wands, Shifter apps, services for the dark internet or other magical technology? Well, take a chance and enter. All that and more can be found here. Could there be a competitor on the horizon? Fran Jackson is a clever witch with big dreams of being a magi-tech entrepreneur and the know how to make things happen. But a dark past buried in her family’s legacy may get in the way. Magical monsters have begun crossing through the mirrors and attacking Fran’s employees. Something dark is stirring under Mana Valley and what it wants could transform the world in terrible ways.

Will Fran and the old lineage of Evermores be able to put a stop to it before it’s too late for both worlds?

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Waking up in a hostile environment… not the usual start to the day. Not knowing who you are? Priceless.

A group of strangers awake with their lungs full of stasis goo. What they don’t immediately realize is that they’re going to have to work fast if they’re going to survive a concatenation of organic and mechanical beasts, traps and deadly encounters.

It’s going to take all their collective wit, guile and any innate abilities they can uncover because survival is far from guaranteed.

More than that, they’re going to have to work together.

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The art of madness e-book coverThe Art of Madness:

Phoenix McGee became a detective to show the world he was mature and reliable, capable of running his own life and business. It’s just a shame he can’t adult his way out of a paper bag. Being attuned to the clockwork nature of the universe and able to bend the fundamental laws of reality comes with the bonus that his powers don’t show up under any scans, leaving him in a loophole where he can use his powers without legal restriction…or protection. On the verge of losing everything, he takes on a simple case of suspected adultery, something to keep the lights on and the creditors at bay. Little did he suspect his life would become a chaotic whirlwind of false leads, uneasy alliances, mob ties, and a woman who punches with a sedan. Bodies pile up as he struggles to keep things normal for himself and his assistant, Suzette DiMarco. Phoenix will need his wits if he plans to solve the case and save himself, his livelihood, and everyone around him… because cosmic powers don’t pay the bills.

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School of Necessary Magic complete boxed set e-book coverSchool of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set:

For Hire: Teachers for Magical School in Virginia Countryside.

Must be able to handle teenagers with special abilities. Cannot be afraid to discipline werewolves, wizards, elves and other assorted hormonal teens.

Apply at the School of Necessary Magic. Ask for Mara Berens and bring whatever magical equipment you normally use.

If you can’t figure out how to get past the wards at the gate, you won’t make it here. Try not to get killed coming up the drive and have a nice day.

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School of Necessary Magic Raine Campbell Complete Series Omnibus:

Raine Campbell never knew she was special until her dormant magic unleashed to protect her friends. But it couldn’t be contained or controlled. Enter the School of Necessary Magic, where magical teens are taught to master their abilities and maybe learn some math. During a forbidden trip into the massive underground city beneath the school –– off limits to freshman –– Raine discovers druids are disappearing. And no one seems to care. Refusing to stand by and ignore it like everyone else, she dives into an increasingly dangerous plot to rescue them before the balance the druids maintain tips into chaos. But doing so requires breaking rules that could lead to her expulsion and threatens to end her dream of working as a witch for the FBI, following in the footsteps of her father and uncle.
After all rules are just guidelines, right? Say hello to old friends and meet the new freshmen class at the School of Necessary Magic.

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Academy of Necessary Magic boxed set e-book coverAcademy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set:

Do you want to be a Bounty Hunter? Class is now in session at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Founded by Johnny Walker, Leira Berens and James Brownstone, students will learn how to go after magical creatures that need to be subdued while being the best bounty hunters in the country… if they survive the course work. Amanda Coulier is a young shifter and ward of one of the greatest bounty hunters of all time. But Johnny Walker is better with hound dogs than young girls. Especially the kind who can grow fur and fangs and rip out your throat in the middle of teenage angst. Where to send Amanda for an education that won’t leave anyone in tears… or dead? Time to start a new school with two more legends. James Brownstone and Leira Berens. Mix in Summer Flannerty, a young Witch who’s got a thing for breaking rules and just landed in Amanda’s room. Can Amanda quell the angry spirit that’s on an angry rampage to destroy the campus?

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Federal Agents of Magic Complete Boxed Set e-book coverFederal Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set:

FBI Agent Diana Sheen is an agent with a secret…she carries a badge and a troll, along with a little magic.

But her Most Wanted List is going to take a little extra effort. She’ll have to embrace her powers and up her game to take down new threats, Not to mention deal with the troll that’s adopted her.

All signs point to a serious threat lurking just beyond sight, pulling the strings to put the forces of good in harm’s way. Magic or mundane, you break the law, and Diana’s gonna find you, tag you and bring you in. Watch out magical baddies, this agent can level the playing field.
It’s all in a day’s work for the newest Federal Agent of Magic.

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No Fear and the Codex e-book coverNo Fear and the Codex: Two Complete Oriceran Series:

Alien conspiracies. Double agents. And femme fatales. All this and more combined in this action-packed urban fantasy thriller.  You get all four books of the Daniel Codex and six books of the I Fear No Evil Series for a really great price

The Daniel Codex: The Artifact Enigma, Artifact of the Sky Gods, Artifact of the True Patriot,Artifact of the Guardian

I Fear No Evil: Kill The Willing, Bury The Past, But Shoot It First, Reload Faster, Dead in Plain Sight, Tomb Raiding PHD, Tomb Raider Emeritus

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Immortality Curse Boxed Set e-book coverImmortality Curse Boxed Set Books 1-3:

An immortal warrior. A missing dragon. A serious death wish? My name is Li Xiang, but my friends call me Damian. I’m a three hundred year old warrior from China that’s shacked up in the Pacific Northwest, living the dream. I’ve seen it all, but now I’m done. Life is so last season. But death is hard to come by when you’ve been cursed with immortality and an insane amount of luck that somehow pulls you back from the brink. All I want is to move on to the afterlife, but my previous attempts were less than stellar. And now I have a bigger problem. My best friend in the world, Mei, has gone missing without a trace. She’s a dragon, and when she’s not serving me the world’s best Manhattan, she’s avoiding the rest of her clan. Her father calls her an outcast ‘cause she hangs out with us mere humans. (Me. He totally means me.) Even so, he’s threatened war with the human realm if she’s not found on the double. And while I’m not fond of life personally, I have several friends that feel differently. Watching them die would be a super bummer.

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Werewolf of Marines e-book coverWerewolf of Marines:

Werewolf of Marines: Semper Lycanus FREE : Private First Class Aiden Kaas has enlisted in the Marines for all the wrong reasons. Now deployed to Iraq at the age of 19, he just wants to put in his time and serve out his enlistment. However, after being bitten by a seemingly rabid mujahideen, he finds himself suffering from a strange illness, one with consequences beyond his wildest imaginings. As the disease ravages his body and exposes him to dangers far darker than active combat, Aiden discovers what it means to come of age, and how he must come to grips with what it is he has become…

Book 2 Werewolf of Marines: Patria Lycanus:  .99 ¢

Book 3 Werewolf of Marines: Pax Lycanus: $1.99

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