September is now in our rearview mirror and October is ahead of us. Speaking of days ahead of us. Are you in Vegas or near the Vegas area? A bunch of authors, including a lot of LMBPN authors, will be participating in a Reader and Authors event on November 10! You can buy books, get swag, get books signed and more while you’re there and it’s a free event. Want to learn more? Visit We hope to see you there!

I have 3 phenomenal books launching this week and they start releasing tomorrow!


This Week’s New Releases

Title: Burden of Power
Series: Chosen by Freya Book 2
Release Date: 10/03/2023

It could be said that Terra Olson has achieved her dream of being an archeologist…

…if you were liberal with the exact details of her duty as Freya’s chosen.

Granted, she’s hunting down magical treasures. Doing it at the behest of an eccentric curator and the goddess herself to prevent Freya’s sacred belongings from falling into the wrong hands falls outside the job description she’d imagined.

Add in preventing the devious Villon’s organization from claiming the artifacts for themselves, and their efforts to silence her for what she knows, and “archaeologist” is a distant dream.

Fortunately, Terra has found a group of friends willing to help her with both learning to control her goddess-given powers and dealing with Villon’s machinations.

When a new treasure is discovered, it becomes a race to stop Villon from claiming it while unlocking its secrets.

On top of all that, the man who lost Terra’s good graces when he attempted to kill her has returned.

Her former idol is the one leading Villon’s mercenaries in their attempt to recover the artifact.

He wishes to right his mistake, and Terra wishes to return the favor. Only one of them can walk away from the inevitable conflict.

How will the Chosen of Freya fare against someone who has stolen the goddess’ power for himself?

Title: The Sinister Onslaught
Series: The Magic Academy of Paris Book 5
Release Date: 10/04/2023

In the mysterious alleyways of Montreal, Jack Calisto and his Black Gate team battle demons emerging from portals, their motives as chilling as the night air.

When an electrifying nightclub evening is disrupted by a monstrous hybrid, is this the alarming comeback of a known foe?

And has the real clash for the realms truly started?

Samantha Tempestade’s world of magical alchemy is thrown into disarray by suspicions and shadowy whispers. But when her training grounds become the stage for a confrontation with a deadly hybrid, her skills and her bond with David are put to the test.

From the rooftops of Montreal to the vibrant streets of Paris, portals beckon and demons threaten. As whispers of abductions fill the air, the Black Gate members confront a chilling vision of Ivilis’s nightmarish designs on both the human and sorcerer realms.

As looming conflicts draw near and lurking dangers multiply, how will Sam, David, Romero, and Iris chart their path through a history of feuds, emerging partnerships, and age-old malevolence?

Will they unveil the enigma in the nick of time, or are the realms destined for engulfing shadows?

Title: Heart of Stone
Series: An Aria for the Vampire Book 4
Release Date: 10/05/2023

What is for you will not pass you by, even if you duck it when it comes around.

All things considered, the last few months have been a smashing success. Cora’s actions have helped her avoid the call to cold-blooded murder.

It’s not every day you take down a doomsday cult. Well, almost take down a doomsday cult.

Unfortunately, everything is still chugging along toward the apocalypse.

As Cora hunts down the leads given to her by Andrew and Andrea, she stumbles across stories of the shadowy founder of the Evolved.

The revelation puts her in a position she’d been congratulating herself for sidestepping. Cora has a choice to make. S

Will she stand by her principles and watch the world burn? Or will she accept the hand of fate and become the assassin she never wanted to be?