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 December 20-26, 2020


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How to Be A Badass Witch Book 3:

Is it possible to be too successful? Kera is getting better at the witch stuff, and much too good at curtailing gang activities. She knows that’s the case because every gang in her area is after her now, egged on by the Startup. Plus, the reporters are about to break the big story, and the publishers of How to be a Badass Witch are on her trail. Is it time for Motorcycle Man to ride off into the sunset? Her life has become so complicated that she’s had to put away thoughts of happily ever after. In fact, she has committed a possibly unforgivable sin to make sure that happens. Can she continue to keep downtown LA and her friends safe…and keep her life?



What is a girl to do when her world goes up in spectral flames? Mix a drink or three, and pick up the pieces. Note: Rogue was originally published as part of the megabook Rogue, Renegade & Rebel. With the earthshattering revelation that Queen Victoria lied to Jennie her whole life, Rogue has gone…rogue. Jennie King is still in New York, where the spectral world is in turmoil. The city is divided between those loyal to Queen Victoria and the Spectral Planes, and war is threatening to break out between the factions. Can Jennie and Baxter work with the Spectral Planes to forge peace in the spectral kingdom? Or will Worthington get in their way? Only time will tell if Jennie’s new allies can become friends.


Deception of Age:

The technology from eons ago empowers monsters among humanity. Erik and Jia are balancing the needs of the UTC, their team, and their own future. Will they be able to provide peace for Erik’s team and yet not bring down the UTC, causing pain to the very people they died to protect? Humans can strive to understand alien technology, but there is always a price. Mistakes happen. Can those sacrificing to build their version of humanity’s future complete their effort? Or will the ticking of the clock on their extended lives produce the stress necessary to figure out a plan to stop Erik and Jia? He will have vengeance, no matter the cost. She will dig for the truth, no matter how risky it is to reveal.


Her Mother’s Pendant: 

ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem in the cesspool of humanity’s future. Anything you do inside your own home is allowed. Those with obscene wealth find it a haven, while every major country of in the world craves the secrets they believe are buried in the mist. Where mystery happens, John Chambers can exist: ex-soldier, gritty realist, detective. It’s whispered that John “Dick” Chambers is the man you go to when you need someone who can’t be bought.  Do ethics matter if one can steal the answers from his cold, dead fingers? John has accepted a job to find a pendant for a woman, a pendant that might uncover clues about Atlantica’s past…if he doesn’t die finding it. Do those who desire Atlantica’s secrets really care? Find cover, release the safety, and rack your gun. John Chambers is on the case, and bodies are starting to pile up.



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