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Week in Review May 16 – 22, 2021




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The Unrepentant:

You help wipe out the crime lords of a city, and suddenly those in power want you dead or gone. The city’s council just needs to figure out how to get him to leave. His axe finished, Skharr needed to deal with getting the prized relic to the DeathEater clan. He decided to exchange a favor, for a favor. The timing couldn’t be better. No gods to deal with, Skharr has to undertake safely moving a young dwarf back to his family’s clan. Of course, the young dwarf has a chip on his shoulder and an attitude Skharr recognizes from his own past. At least Skharr doesn’t have a goddess warning him about potential death. That is the dwarf’s problem. The young thief should have been more careful who he prayed to. Hopefully, the two of them can make it to the end without causing too many problems, or dying. If not? Well, don’t expect any apologies from this barbarian.


Angel of Armageddon:

It all comes down to one final fight for the future of the Federation. Even without the Morgana in her head, Stephanie’s attitude has become dark indeed. Now, she has decided the best way to stop a war, is attack. Unfortunately, the Telorans have not arrived, and will likely miss this battle. Stephanie considers the cost in lives of those in cryo-storage and is willing to gamble the whole effort to save those who are still sleeping. Is it the best decision militarily? Probably not. But if she didn’t, she wouldn’t be the Witch of the Federation. It’s the final book, strap yourself in and let’s get started.


One Night to Kill:

The Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters. If you see her, it’s likely to be the last vision in your life. Valentina has a problem. An assassin competitor shows up unannounced and unappreciated. Never a good situation to find oneself in. The Conclave members are infighting and providing her additional jobs. Now, if those jobs weren’t in conflict, life might have been a touch easier to handle. With an assassin on her tail, two powerfully rich competitors vying for her services and worries about her missing sibling, she is determined to make it all work out in the end. Or several people are going to die.



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