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Week in Review December 12 – 18, 2021


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Who says an enterprising Witch can’t have it all?

Fran is an Oriceran magical with the mind for business and the enemies to prove it. An old prophecy thought to be a myth has surfaced. Is it friend or foe? The Mana Wave team has been testing a new invention that could change the world. Is the world ready for it? Will it be enough to save her fledgling company?

Meanwhile, magic in the area continues to destabilize. The team needs to perfect their containment units – fast – to capture the dark Source causing all the problems. Can Fran get a foothold in the world of magical-tech and save the city?

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Red Raven e-book coverRed Raven:

What do you get when you mix a feud with a fleet of dragons? A fiery war with Raven at the front of the charge. The king knows Raven killed his son and he doesn’t want revenge. He wants help finding an heir to replace him. What kind of twisted plot is this? If she doesn’t help him, Raven can’t complete her most important mission.

But there’s something else going on here. The Malendesh army are using the dangerous, magical ore to hide and abuse their sea serpents during war exercises. The foreign military’s up to something dark. Has their king noticed? Will Raven and Bella stop a mutiny on Malenspire before the island is overrun? Leander, the fierce and loyal red dragon may hold the key to solving the mystery and saving the day.

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Quest for the Undying Queen e-book coverQuest for the Undying Queen:

Only a few of the Undying remain, hunted and with a price on their heads, but will the darkness of their legacy live on? Will Arkhalla’s dark curse continue to reign in a world without its queen? Can any of those she touched find redemption and a hope for peace as they try to rebuild their lives?

Shamath, the hero who saved humanity, roams the earth as a man lost. Has his life simply become a hunt with little purpose? Is a miracle, both unexpected and unthinkable, enough to raise Bel and Narama above their dark and bloody heritage? Can a new chance at life come out of nowhere for both hero and foe alike? A call from the beyond sends Shamath on a desperate quest with dread urgency. Will he root out the last of the Undying Council in time?

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Jack the Ripper e-book coverJack the Ripper:

Carving a swath of terror across the Federation, one planet after another, no one knowing who’s next. A serial killer the likes of whom hasn’t been seen in centuries. A pretender who has outdone the master. Fifty planets. The dead are screaming for vengeance and only Rivka and her team can hear their cries. The Singularity. The Magistrate and her crew. How many more must die before the killer can be brought to justice?

The battle of wits has begun, and only one can survive. Win or die trying. Rivka has to dig deeper than ever before into her investigative skills to figure out who’s next and how to stop the one masquerading as… Jack the Ripper. Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

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Dragon Swat e-book coverDragon Swat:

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia. Kristen Hall is about to join them.

Kristen has finally found a way to change into her dragon form and is bitterly aware of the changes that are coming. She has been transferred to the Dragon SWAT as a result of her newfound ability. Her first day at the new office does not go as she had hoped. Her colleagues don’t take her seriously. Kristen must deal with being treated like a curiosity who has no business being with them. To her chagrin, Kristen is assigned as a second bodyguard for an ancient dragon. The assignment appears at first to be designed to keep her out of the way. Dragons are invulnerable to almost everything—except being attacked by their own kind.

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Dragons were created to bring justice to the world—but some do way more than that. When Lunis, the wise-cracking, bad joke-telling dragon, is summoned to Mexico, he doesn’t hesitate to answer the call. It just so happens that he’s been lured there under false pretenses.

Tricked into signing onto a mission, Lunis still steps up to do what he does best—bring balance to the world. When several villains threaten the safety of those Lunis promised to protect, he flies into action to save the innocent. The only complication is he’s sans a rider and will need an extra hand to save the day. Or a paw… Can Lunis and his friends rescue this coastal city in Mexico and its people before it’s too late?

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